Xbox One & Xbox 360 to PS4, PS3 & PS VITA and why I’m jumping ship after 13 years

Paul Ryan of Brash Games writes "After 13 years, 17 consoles and a combined xbox live equivalent of 47 years I’m jumping ship from Microsoft to Sony. I have supported Microsoft since the launch of the original Xbox on 15th November 2001 and I have been a member of Xbox Live since day one along with my 3 children. So it’s goodbye Microsoft and thanks for nothing".

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Kingthrash3602180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

looking at gwg vs. ps+ this month i can see alot more people "jumping ship" y'know, because value wins.
me i woulda kept mine and still gotta ps4. would pay for ps+ not live n just play sp games on x1..(even tho they are looking to be a rare thing on the x1)..just as a 'just in case something great comes' or the halo wait (i'd live up for that).
still ps+ has my gaming library full of games and counting.. i dont have enough time to play them all so the back log is full of gems. hopfully ms is listening and will step that gwg up. people say the servers are reason enough to have live...i dont really agree, id rather have quality games for every system every month than ..servers. imo at least.

Why o why2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Someone mentioned their backlog the other day and I forgot to hail him for that. Its the truth....its almost stressful the amount of titles filling up my drive because of ps+. Feels like im stealing or something. Crazy...

Paulie_gualtieri2180d ago

Xbox will always have a place in my heart.Original xbox was the console that got me into online gaming.Some great times.

360 was great for awhile then it started to chug along slowly.Xbox one is nice.Not $500 nice but it's okay.Kind of wished i bought a PS4 at launch instead but i'll be okay lol.

Wouldn't mind eventually owning both consoles in the long run anyways

jessupj2180d ago

It's good that he's chosen to come to the dark side, but I'm surprised it took this long for him to realise MS doesn't care about the core gamer.

Surely after all that money he could have bought 1 PS3 with PSN plus to experience all the exclusives he and his family missed out on.

SG1_dapunisherX2180d ago

As long halo is being made I will still support ms

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The story is too old to be commented.