GamersProgress | Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition is a reminder that Capcom once made a good game

Nine years after its original release followed by several decent and terrible sequels, 'Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition' is the sixth time the iconic game has been ported and now its a reminder that Capcom once released a good 'Resident Evil' game.

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stanr2187d ago

Is another RE4 port necessary. I think after 9 years and 5 re-releases later its guaranteed that a lot of gamers have played this great classic. Hence its time for Capcom to move on and stop living in the past.


the way capcoms going makes me think theyre better off just rereleasing this game as many times as they can. i mean, re4 for the 30th time is probably still just as good as playing all the way through re6 once.

SaturdayNightBeaver2187d ago

true , but that re2 remake tho :D
one can dream..

stanr2185d ago

Next year they will release 'Resident Evil 4: The 10th Anniversary HD Edition'

Auron2187d ago

The only good capcom is in the past.. I woldnt have a problem with capcom re releasing all past games in hd and above quality. breath of fire 3 yes please.

Whitefox7892187d ago

Not necessarily, it means that individuals that 'were' at Capcom made a good game.

All of them have left to pursuit their own goals gaming wise and get away from Capcoms interference with their vision.

Plagasx2187d ago

Just Capcom dodging another bullet. Make a true RE already.

Pozzle2187d ago

I can't believe its already been 9 years...

stanr2186d ago

Time flies when your having fun

Tempest3172186d ago

This is hardly a review imo...I have absolutely no more info about this game than I did before. Its more of an opinion piece. Hows it look? Hows it run? Hows it play? How does it compare to the original pc release? Is it worth the asking price? Hell, what IS the asking price? Typically price for a port along the lines of this is included in the review, as it can directly influence if someone whos played it already will buy it. I got a paragraph just reiterating what Capcom said at the announcement (improved visuals and tweaked control scheme) and the rest pretty much complaining that they wasted their time.

stanr2186d ago

Your right I should have gone more in-depth about the comparisons with previous versions of RE4.