Rumor: Valve may acquire Oculus Rift

SteamFirst: According to some reliable anonymous sources, Valve may be in talks to buy, or at least exclusively license, the Oculus Rift virtual-reality technology. The reasons for this, aside from the obvious gains on both sides, is to bypass a certain patent or license that Oculus VR owns. It would seem, but has not been confirmed, that without Valves direct involvement the Oculus Rift may have some trouble going forward.

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SpiralTear2665d ago

"reliable anonymous sources"

That phrase is a really bad way to give your story credibility, especially when there's no link to any source in the article itself.

OT: We'll need to see if the VR idea takes off. There's no point in buying a license like this if the market is untested for VR controls.

stanr2665d ago

Never trust an anonymous source

Megaton2665d ago

Anonymous sources are not inherently bad. It's a problem in the gaming community because worthless bloggers like to call their asses "anonymous sources".

starchild2665d ago

VR absolutely is going to be a big part of our future. After using the Rift myself I have no doubt about that. I know it is just my opinion right now, but I will calmly sit back and watch it all come to pass.

elninels2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Thats why the first word in the headline is rumor.

Edit: also I really hope valve does acquire the team and tech behind the oculus rift. They go big, and they go creative. And they have a very reliable source of income streaming in from an incredibly loyal fanbase.

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Kayant2665d ago

Not buying this. Considering the have said the will be supporting them. And this comes from a site that has made up stories in the past and tried to past off old news as new and inflated benchmark numbers.

elninels2664d ago

Can you provide any links to some such news?
Not that I don't believe you, however seeing is believing.

xtremexx2665d ago

for some i wouldnt be suprised. it just seems like something Valve would like and therefore buy.

solar2665d ago

me either. the supposed tech that Valve gave to OR was better then what they were experimenting with.


i could definitely see a collaboration with OR and Valve. with Valve's endless money river from Steam. could get very interesting!

TheOmniGamer2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

I'd be all for Valve buying Oculus Rift, can't imagine a better PC developer to support this product and I honestly wouldn't be suprised if it was true, Valve have been supporting Oculus since day 1.

solar2665d ago

Valve truly is the best for PC development. not in the games realm but pushing boundaries. i would wholeheartedly support this move.

HammockGames2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )


Carmack (and the OR crew) working alongside Valve could = a symbiotic relationship on all fronts.

Even if Carmack doesn't want to touch game development again directly, he could give Valve's hardware efforts a huge lift. (VR in particular)

Vanna2665d ago

I hang around their forums alot as we picked up a developer kit,

I would be very suprised valve took them over, the recently had a huge investment of $75 million ontop of what they already have and made from the dk1 and previous investment

Oculus is palmer and nates dream, maybe sometime in the future but i really do not get that feeling off any of them there this is the direction oculus is being taken in

kwyjibo2665d ago

With a $75M VC round, the company was probably valued at worth several hundred million dollars. Their investors will not be looking to exit until that valuation is in the billions.

Valve are worth several billion, but they don't have that kind of cash. They could offer shares, but I doubt Valve, being the fiercely independent company they are (they've never taken external financing), would want to compromise their control over the company.

Vanna2665d ago

I have no doubt all you say, valve are rich and independant, as i say though that is not the feeling they give out.

If they did i am sure it would only benefit them for only a kickstarter in a short time they have become so much more then even palmer thought.
He only wanted to prove Vr to begin now they have over 80 employees and millions behind them, even funding their own custom screen.

Eitherway we can all win in the end :)

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