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AllThatsEpic: Plants vs. Zombies has grown to be one of the most well-known and loved mobile games ever. A defense game in which you use a plethora of plants to defend your home from waves of zombies, it is hard not to love the lettuce-flinging, pea-shooting action that Plants vs. Zombies brought to our tiny handheld screens. While this provided never-ending fun, PopCap decided they wanted to bring us gamers something more. Making a third-person-shooter out of Plants vs. Zombies might seem like a strange concept, but in this case, strange is absolutely amazing, and PopCap somehow pulled it off. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare wreaks havoc on the flooded first-person-shooter war simulation market with its zainy fun and adorably silly thematic elements that make it extremely difficult to stop playing. Compile this with loads of customization options and character classes to fit everyone’s unique play style and you have an incredibly fun experience that will have you praising it as one of your favorite multiplayer experiences and a must-have Xbox One game.

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