The Fight to Get Gay in Video Games

"Like a lot of guys growing up in the 1980s, Michael Patrick started playing video games at a young age. He loved Street Fighter, expressing a particular fondness for Chun Li, the first female character to be introduced to the series. He didn’t realize until years later how personal this choice was for him..."

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2pacalypsenow2179d ago

Great another "looks at us!" article.....

PoSTedUP2179d ago

yeah well... he made a gay game, and it looks like **** and plays like ass. but the fact that hes not really a gamer and made a game; let it slide, he did more than i can and im a huge gamer. the title is a metaphor, its a gay fighting game, it doesnt seem like its a big deal to him whether or not this game gets published (i doubt it will, and he probably knows that too).

ITPython2178d ago

A gay fighting game, hmm.

So do they use their dangly parts as swords? And what about the fatality moves? I think "FINISH HIM!" would take on a whole new meaning.

PoSTedUP2178d ago

its called "gaytality" and, lol, man, watch the video its Way more crude than you think... think: worse than the familyguy producers making a fighting game to make fun of gays.

spike2178d ago

I thought Skyrim was gay enough. Is this game a sequel?

MidnytRain2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

I wonder if this means we'll get Drake-Sully scenes in the next Uncharted. #steamy

PSNintyGamer2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Why is the media always trying to shove Gay down our throats?

Retard2178d ago

Because heterosexual community does not need a pride flag and homosexuals are insecure liberals under a pretentious witch hunt.

DangerousDAN2178d ago

the heterosexual community does not need a pride flag because we've never been oppressed for being straight, dumbass. "insecure liberals" hehe man, I'm already imagining your living full of assault rifles, Duck Dynasty posters, and a framed print of the second amendment.

Relax, buddy! lol The gays won't take your games away!

aLucidMind2178d ago

I suppose blacks were insecure liberals under a pretentious witch hunt in the 60's, too? There isn't anything wrong with having characters that just happen to be gay in a game. Then again, most of the time it is done in such a way that is clearly pandering to the LGBT community and that kind of implementation is very annoying.

TheLeapist2178d ago

Please never compare the suppression of the blacks to homosexuals just not being able to get married again. It's extremely ridiculous and offensive to be honest

Qrphe2178d ago

I'd force you to take that profile image off since you're an embarrasement to our nation but I'm noTotalitarian pig so keep it.

Bigpappy2178d ago

Many gay conservatives like Dick Cheney's Daughter and Mccain's campaign managed. They are just restricted or push to the back in that club.

You people always pushing your politic and your religion down peoples throats. Doesn't matter if it right or round or harmful to other. Just as long as things are done the CONSERVATIVE WAY. Bunch of crazy nutz if you ask me. Remind me so much of the Taliban and the religious right in the Middle east. Just a matter of time before you try to kill out everyone who want to live different from you.

aLucidMind2177d ago

@The Leapest.
Sorry, but it is not ridiculous. Just because it is a different level of severity does not mean it is not a similar occurrence. Look at how many areas in the US nowadays trying to implement similar discriminatory practices towards gays that blacks had to deal with in the 60's. There's a very unsettling amount of them demanding that crap.

Then take a look at the fact that blacks marrying whites was looked at the same way gay marriage is now and suffered through the exact same thing.

It isn't a ridiculous comparison; being offended by a valid comparison is what is ridiculous, to be honest.

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FunAndGun2178d ago

The same reason they push politics, racial issues, and gun control stories. controversy and divisive issues get traffic.

NeoTribe2178d ago

"Hey look at me im gay!"

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The story is too old to be commented.