Eight Awesome Features Mojang Should Add to Minecraft

BagoGames - Thanks to Mojang‘s continued support through free updates and patches, Minecraft is a substantially different game today than it was in 2010. From minor refinements like shift-clicking support for furnaces to world-altering adjustments to procedural generation, Minecraft continues to grow in size and scope. This opens a lot of avenues for speculation as to what the game might look like in another two years. Here are eight awesome features that should make their way into Minecraft!

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2179d ago
-Foxtrot2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

I would like to see more mechanical things you could build like massive trams you could have running all over your map where you could hop on them anytime you liked, rather then the boring, small mine carts.

Oil would be a good thing to add for machines aswell. I would like to see Redstone be able to craft block generators which supply electricity through blocks since the redstone isn't that good in my opinion.

More skins for the villagers, they are ugly as hell, why can't they just be random skins.

Volcanoes, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, blizzards, Avalanches, sink holes etc

Lifts...really don't see why they haven't been added yet

As they've said, paint is another one or wall paper.

More mobs could be added, vampires, mummies, werewolf's, ghosts etc

Oh the biggest one they could add....more home furniture. Houses always feel bare, tables, chairs, sofa's, lamps, electric lighting. Then theres outside stuff like proper street lights, fountains, hedges, more fences/doors.

Honestly theres so much they could added, I wish they had a bigger team working on it.

AuXDubz2179d ago

Hey Foxtrot,

The author of the post will probably not seek to see comments on here other than the initial post. There is a comment system on the website ;D

- Have a good day

Heisenburger2179d ago

You must be new here... ;P

Jdoki2179d ago

Modding API would be my number 1.

sammyspam2179d ago

Expected list to be bad but it was actually a really good list. I remember playing a mod with volcanoes and it was hilarious getting stuck in an eruption with friends.