Are Stealth Games 'Fun'? - Casual Friday

In light of last week's Thief release, the Casual Friday gang sits down this week to discuss what they do and don't like about stealth games.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2189d ago

I seriously can't stand how incredibly ignorant game journalists are at times. These fellas are a perfect example of why journalists are considered jokes.

jcnba282188d ago

Rev3 were always a joke.

starchild2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I know what you mean. Stealth games are supremely fun to me. No other genre can create the tension and excitement I feel in a good stealth game.

Hearing these journalists talk makes me realize why some reviewers didn't like Thief.

DEEBO2189d ago

solid snake,sam fisher,tenchu ninja's,AC,last of us,dishonor,thief,the OG socom,ghost recon(some parts of the game) yeah stealth games are great.

andrewer2188d ago

Sly Cooper! The definition of literal fun stealth!

Yi-Long2188d ago

I haven't really played Sly yet, except the demo for the newest PS3 game, but I LOVED the OLD Splinter Cell games. That was stealth done right.

Also, a game like Mark of the Ninja is excellent.

The Arkham games have fantastic stealth-sections as well.

I think the problem with 'stealth games' is that far too often developers just don't deliver, and end up releasing a mediocre game that's trying to please too many crows, and not succeeding. The recent Splinter Cell games as a good example of that.

Still want to check out Dishonored, which is supposedly very good.

andrewer2188d ago

@Yi-Long I really recommend Dishonored it's very good and tough to go stealth all the way hehe.

Why the disagrees? Sly Cooper is funny, with jokes and stuff, and a simple and casual stealth, not a hardcore one...It's really fun to play.

Kryptix2188d ago

I agree and don't forget about Syphon Filter, one the best in my opinion.

Stealth games are very complex, but very fun and a lot of them provide a great narrative like MGS. Plus, it makes you feel...highly skilled when you outsmart the enemy and finish a level without being spotted.

Tdmd2188d ago

AC? A stealth game? lol

starchild2188d ago

Couldn't agree more. Those are all great games. Some of my best gaming memories of all time are of playing games like Tenchu, Thief and Splinter Cell.

On that note, I wish so bad that we could get a new Tenchu game.

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Illionaire2189d ago

Stealth is a very tricky genre, that has a very thin line between failure and success. Stealth games must provide a very solid level design to even have a chance of success, but the really great ones draw you into a level of tension that is impossible to explain and is almost magical (for lack of a better word).

Metal Gear Solid is a great example of both and is why it has such a massive highly dedicated fanbase. Even with all it's flaws, it captures the feeling of being tense and powerful all at the same time. The Last Of Us captured that aswell with it's stealth moments, with no listen mode on the harder difficulties of course. It made you feel vulnerable but capable at the same time within top notch level design. Both are some of the best games of last generation, if not thee best.

chrissx2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I love stealth games. Mgs franchise and splinter cell jst 2 mention a few, are awesome. Even syphon filter was great during its time

oIITSBIIo2188d ago

My favorite is Deus Ex .

SC was very good now it is more action but I have to say the animation in the game is excellent and that make it better than most stealth games .

Illionaire2188d ago

SC animations are amazing, I just wish it was more stealth orientated like before. Together in the same package would be outstanding, I reckon we'll see something like that this gen.

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