Rev 3 TRIALS FUSION Gameplay Impressions First Hands-on With Tricks, New Bikes, and More

TRIALS FUSION is bringing the addictive Trials franchise into the next generation on April 16th. Check out the first Trials Fusion gameplay and find out what Zac Minor thought of the new tricks system, bikes, and levels in his hands-on impressions.

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Yi-Long2191d ago

Huge fan of the first 2 Trials games on 360. Very excited about this new game, although my enthusiasm has dropped a bit since they announced the DLC-packs ( 6(!) ) and thus a Season-pass deal.... which kinda seems like they'll be releasing an incomplete game with the intent to milk it...

However, Trials was actually one of the few games last-gen that did get DLC right, so I'm hoping that (milking) won't be the case here.

New trick-system looks cool, new graphics look awesome, and very glad to see the quad here, which was already playable in some user-created content for Evo, and was a LOT of fun.

Hopefully this time it will be possible to also do more player-creation, and riding without a helmet, so I can create myself, or famous people, and then crash me/them from great hights and break my/their neck... :P

2190d ago