More people have tablets than handheld systems like the 3DS and PS Vita, research shows

"And Puzzle & Dragons may have just scored a global record."

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admiralvic2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

And this is surprising because?

The 3DS and PS Vita are predominately game consoles, which have less overall uses than a tablet. Like, outside of gaming, the Vita only does an okay job at running say Twitter, playing a movie (screen size), browsing the internet, where as a tablet will give you 7 - 10 inches to browse the web, web chat, take arguably better pictures, use as a remote, better screen for movies, generally more portable (at least against the Vita over the thumbsticks). Not to mention there is more after market value for a tablet than the Vita / 3DS and several tablets can be bought for less than the 3DS or Vita.

Chrischi19882184d ago

Exactly, who is surprised by that? Tablet are not for gaming, you can game on it, but they are not made for it. A lot of Businessmen and so on also use tablets and are far away from gaming with it. I mean, there are also a lot more PCs out there than consoles, but they are not gaming PCs, they are old and used only for work. Really nothing to be surprised here...

badz1492184d ago

I'm seriously scratching my head over this. this is something even Captain Obvious himself would decline to say, but somehow they did a "research" for it?

3-4-52184d ago

Yea and in 4-5 years, those same people are DONE GAMING. They will have moved on to the next "cool" thing.

Water always finds it's level.

SoulMikeY2184d ago

Right? I wonder if they know there are more cell phones made than people who talk on them...


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Abriael2185d ago

In other news, water is wet.

pedrof932184d ago

Chuck Norris can chew water.

chrissx2184d ago

Chuck Norris doesn't need to chew water,it evaporates once it enters his mouth

Chrischi19882184d ago

Chuck Norris is already dead for 10 years, but Death was afraid to tell him.

Benjaminkno2185d ago

Hahaha... I love the comments you guys come up with.

wait, wait!! I've got one!!...

Can't wait to see more tablet controllers... huh?, huh?....

Sony may hold on to traditional console gaming, but it's disheartening that tablets are making game development even more casual than Wii did.
Where's the virtual reality I'm still dreaming about?!?

OrangePowerz2184d ago

And a lot more people have smartphones compared to tablets. I therefore declare tablets to be dead.

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The story is too old to be commented.