Microsoft Offers $5 For Every $50 You Spend in Xbox One and Xbox 360 Season Passes

If you love having all the DLC for your games and you're a member of the Xbox Rewards program, you're in luck, because Microsoft is going to put some cash in your pockets, and more precisely $5 for every $50 you spend in Xbox One and Xbox 360 season passes.

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Illionaire2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

It's like sales week for the Xbox One. You can't turn around with out tripping over an insentive to buy it. Even IGN is sending out emails reminding you it's available and Titanfall is coming out. Kinda seems weird considering it's doing so much better than the 360. I guess the 360 constantly being out of stock had something to do with that statistic.

guitarded772183d ago

IGN is on MS's payroll. Is it not obvious by now?

Eonjay2183d ago

The email literally says "IGN on behalf of the Microsoft Store". Which makes it sound like IGN is volunteering there time to sell Xboxes.

But of course, they are paying IGN to advertise their product, but so does everyone else. IGN is a bit of a whore that way. I would love to know the advertising budgets of both consoles. The Xbox One ad budget must be sky high.

ThanatosDMC2183d ago

This is one of the reason I trust youtubers instead of big sites to make reviews. Too much favors, gifts, or whatevers from publishers.

FITgamer2183d ago

@Eonjay "...The Xbox One ad budget must be sky high." It has to be, they've given away an Xbox One every week since it's launch, i'm pretty sure they did one, maybe two PS4 giveaways.

nicksetzer12183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

This story is only like a month (or two) late....

emad-E-three2183d ago

While Sony offers 10$ on every 50$ spent on games! Microsoft offers 5$ on every 50$ spent on season passes (which as we know season passes are part of the anti-gamers policies! I really miss the old PS1/PS2 times when everything was about "unlockables") this tells us who really cares about the gaming industry!

Anyway competition is good for us gamers ;)

_FantasmA_2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Its funny how M$ spends money for good publicity, bribery and to bury any reviews or videos that tell the truth about M$, its games, and business practices. Instead of spending the money on games, they spend money to have people say that their mediocre games are not mediocre.

And Sony has these types of sales, but they remain only on PSN. Gametrailers doesn't promote it, Doritos isn't involved, Mountain Dew doesn't call you and let you know that Uncharted 3 is on sale. Its not the same thing. IGN is supposed to be a gaming site, but they've been pro-VCR since last generation. Thats why I never bothered making an acccount, they are on their knees for M$.

Lonnie182183d ago

Sony offers $10 for every $60 spent!

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AaronPS2183d ago

They should change the title to "Microsoft is getting even more desperate". It's just getting sad. They're going to end up losing money at this rate.

darthv722183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

They do this sort of incentive quite often. when they used points you would see the promos of buy x number of games and get x amount of points back.

This is pretty much the same only its real $ and applies to season passes. i didnt disagree with you by the way. just replying to provide a bit of clarity.

Lubu2183d ago

Yep. And Sony had a sale late last year, spend $60, get $10 back. I used the promo to get preorder CoD and its season pass, BF4 and premium, and Killzone Shadow Fall.

Bottom line, both companies do it. I just wish they came around more often

Bolts-N-Rays11092183d ago

And if Sony did this you would probably be praising them for being consumer friendly. This is not the first time MS has done stuff like this.

Jojo09032183d ago

So Sony must be even more desperate than Microsoft since they offer 10$ for every 50$ you spend on games? If I use what u apparently call logic that would make me right wouldn't it? Neither sony or Microsoft is desperate. Their both selling counsels at a record rate. Sony is selling more but MS has the second fastest selling counsel ever right now and people think they are doomed. Everyone needs to take off their fan boy blinders and see things for how they actually are.

MiloGarret2183d ago

...and giving away games with PS+ is what exactly?

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RiPPn2183d ago

Is this even a good deal? Most season passes are $30, so in order to take advantage of this you need to buy 2 season passes? Who is in the maker for 2 season passes?

AutoCad2183d ago

call of duty and battlefield season passes i believe are 50 bucks.

Zombro2183d ago

Loving the competitiveness can't say microsoft isn't trying.i think xbox and ps4 need each other to stay growing

josephayal2183d ago

Nice! Xbox one is worth every penny

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