Age of Mythology Extended Edition Coming to Steam

During a Special Age of Empires Developer Live Stream, Microsoft Studios confirmed that Age of Mythology: Extended Edition is in the works.

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Lucreto2186d ago

Day One

One of my favourite games.

3-4-52185d ago

YES! Can't wait.

Ensemble is one of my fave dev's of all time, sucks they had to disband.

Never played the expansion though, just played years worth of Vanilla though.

maniacmayhem2186d ago

Hey MS, want me to get a Xbox One?? How about a new Age of Mythology game!

christocolus2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

This game would rock on the xbox one.played it a lot on my pc back in the day.awesome game...Xbox live and kinect would add alot more immersion. Pls ms bring this game over to the xbx one. Pls

Hawkinst5402185d ago

I remember playing AoE 2 on ps2 years ago, I don't think this would come to console because the controls are so awkward but maybe they'll find an easier way using Kinect

Raf1k12185d ago

These types of games tend not to work too well on console. Kinect is never really that great since we don't want to be waving our arms around for ages.

MS hasn't cared for PC games in years so a new strategy game from them isn't likely. I'm guessing this is an updated Age of Mythology game made to work on newer computers.

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