Q&A: Creating the Wii U-exclusive Affordable Space Adventures

When you consider the games that KnapNok and Nifflas have made, it might be hard to imagine them working on a game together, but that's part of what makes their new project, Affordable Space Adventures for the Wii U due later this year, so enticing.

Their Wii U project, revealed only today, has already earned the support of the Danish Film Institute, and their charming if not claustrophobic teaser hints that their combined passions and expertise may pay off.

Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren and KnapNok's Dajana Dimovska and Lau Korsgaard discuss how they designed a technical game using the second screen, and comment on the benefits of developing for a single hardware platform.

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Venox20082190d ago

I really cant wait for this

stragomccloud2190d ago

Wow! This looks really interesting. I was totally getting a Super Metroid vibe.