Xbox One March Update: Lots of Details Emerge on Features; First Twitch Streams Available

The Xbox One March Update is a very big one, and it includes many elements that users of Microsoft’s new console have been demanding for a while. Many new details have emerged about the update, including the first twitch streams.

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AngelicIceDiamond2188d ago

That is a ALLOT of updates/changes.

GarrusVakarian2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

" Optical audio is now supported"

Seems like i chose the right time to get an X1 (i won't have it until late March), i use optical audio, otherwise i would have had to use my TV speakers.

That's a big deal for me, once you go surround sound, you don't go back.

theWB272188d ago

What makes this good? This have to do with headphones? I've never used anything but the TV speakers and am looking for an alternative for when I finally get the X1 too....

SteamPowered2188d ago

Dont you have HDMI going to your receiver from X1? That HDMI should give you your 5.1 or 7.1 surround in one cable.

GarrusVakarian2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )


Headphones are great, but nothing compares to playing Battlfield 4 (or any game mind you) with a good surround speaker setup. Trust me. It may sound a bit over the top saying that "it's a big deal to me"....but TV speakers pale in comparison to my surround sound, it makes it less immersive and less enjoyable. Sound is just as important as a games visuals for me.


Nah, i have other devices using the HDMI on my receiver, for my consoles i use optical.


Oh, ok. It should have specified what "optical audio" meant in the update notes. I just assumed it was general optical audio for surround sound.

lameguy2188d ago

I've been using optical as that's only what my receiver supports from day 1. This has to mean something else. Maybe dealing with headsets or the different bitrate options that were just added in the update.

darthv722188d ago

a fw update for the controller is included...interesting.

Boody-Bandit2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I don't follow (optical out is now supported). I have been using optical out with the XBOX ONE since the day it launched. It defaults to DTS audio. Although I noticed I have no variable settings for sound on my processor. Which is fine by me. DTS gives me a little extra on the low end (makes my sub thump harder) over DD. At least it does on my processor.

So I'm assuming this means the X1 will now give us the option of what audio setting (DD, DTS, DPL, etc) we can select while using the optical output?

Maml072188d ago

i got the update early cuz i recieved an invite from microsoft to get all updates early before release and give my feedback in the forums of xbox

the new update is really beautiful, more easy to explore the windows, more details on the screen
- if u got an achievement you can explore other achievements by choose "more achievements"
friends activity has more details for each player in a single bar
easily to know new followers
fasfer kinect responsibility
little slower os in start up cuz its beta ver. hope they fix it soon
i saw all these things in beta ver.

USA0072188d ago

Optical is supported now, it is the lack of Dolby digital that hopefully is being added, as most headset users are unable to get surround sound without this

mwjw6962187d ago


Optical Stereo has always worked since launch. What they added was Dolby Digital, and Dolby surround.

@lameguy Look above. :D

H0RSE2187d ago

I always use headphones - high end audiophile headphones. I find them vastly better than anything speakers can offer me. Cans take up far less space, deliver sound directly to my ears, and I'm the only one who hears it, so no one else is disturbed. I will never go back to speakers again, just like I'll never go back to using a mouse after using a trackball.

bumnut2187d ago

Can't you just use the optical port on your tv?

Boody-Bandit2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

"I always use headphones - high end audiophile headphones. I find them vastly better than anything speakers can offer me."

Said no HT enthusiast / audiophile ever that has used both.

alexkoepp2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )


No matter how great the emulation is two speakers will never deliver the sound experience a surround sound system can give you. They do a good job but it isn't the same. As an audiophile, you should know that. You may not have the budget for high end speakers, but that is your problem.

Optical is way outdated anyways, format should just die.

PoodlePuncher2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

I got the early March update so I have confirmed all of this...

The surround sound update they're talking about is primarily adding Dolby Digital. Optical output to a surround sound system worked fine before with only DTS support. Another big thing is having bitstream through HDMI. So, for me, for example, I have my Xbox One going to my TV through HDMI, and then an optical cable from my TV to my receiver. Before that would only give me uncompressed 2 channel audio, now I can get full Dolby Digital support through that (most TV's only pass through Dolby Digital).

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PONTIAC08G8GT2188d ago

I would have really liked to see the friends notification but good to know it will be in a future update. Nice list, lots of updates and changes. Good to see MS listening for once.

Nicxel2187d ago

Listening for once??? Please.....

DEEBO2188d ago

I'm can use twitch already because of the update program from MS.

Tedakin2188d ago

The Twitch app is updated? I have the dash update, but not the twitch one.

Dudebro902188d ago

Wait what? I thought the app wasnt updated.

DEEBO2188d ago

Ms chose me to be in a update program so i got twitch and the controller update,i can brodcast too.

I will check for the DD because DTS too me doesn't sound better then DD

Harmy6662187d ago

But you cant broadcast… it's just previewing the update, I'm in Te same program, along with lots of other users.

SteamPowered2188d ago

I couldnt really give a hoot about Twitch. Im still waiting for 3D BluRay support. :(

lameguy2188d ago

I'm curious :) Not only do you have a set of rare 3D movies, but apparently you actually want to watch them more than you already have?! What are these movies?

SteamPowered2188d ago

My ps3 died last year and I fully expected my shiny new $500 X1 to play all my blurays. Not so. At least not yet.
And I have quite a few movies in 3d. Documentaries are incredible! I also have a few other movies like Jurassic park and some dreamworks stuff for the gf.
I have a $3000 3d projector and I would like to use it in 3d again.

OrangePowerz2188d ago

There are plenty of 3D movies out.

ThanatosDMC2188d ago

There's lots of 3D movies out all ready. They cost about $10 more compared to its normal bluray counterpart.

fishy12187d ago

Rare??? I have 67 3d bluray's. There is nothing rare about 3d. Maybe you live in the hills and have not been down since the 80's. But 3d is back in,even ps3 and 360 have 3d for some games. ps4 will have 3d support, but who knows with the X1 going to hold my breath on that one

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DeathOfTheFanBoy2187d ago

Check out, our universe 3D, really good. And if you have yet to see pacific rim in 3d you haven't lived. 3D is my most wanted feature for xb1 atm, I am a beta update tester and everything else seems good up to now. After 3d I want proper DLNA support, play to works well but options are always welcome.

Tedakin2188d ago

I didn't realize the list was this long. The ability to change the number on Xbox Volume Up/Down is a nice touch.

Tedakin2188d ago

Someone disagrees this is a nice touch? All... right...

No_Limit2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Any word that is positive about the XB1 these days tend to get stealth disagrees. It is sickening that Xbox fans can't get to discuss their articles in peace.

jebabcock2188d ago

Every console has trolls... i don't think anyone gets that luxury on n4g or most any other public site.

lameguy2188d ago

Oh nice. The twitch streams seem better than PS4's rates:
Stream Info

Resolution: 1280x720
Frame Rate: 29 FPS
Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16, 225 kb/s
Total Bitrate: 4402 kbps
Padding: 0.92% (41 kbps)
Stream Uptime: 1h 54m 9s

Riderz13372188d ago

You realize the quality of the stream is dependent on the streamers upload speed?

GarrusVakarian2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

True, but the PS4 twitch is capped at 960x540.

I didn't actually realise it was that low until i googled it, it looks good when watching a stream, i always thought it was capped at 720p. Good to know the X1 twitch will have an even better image quality.

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