Ubisoft writer: people are still afraid gay characters will impact sales

GameDynamo - "According to Ubisoft Montreal writer Lucien Soulban, the reason we've not yet seen a gay character in a blockbuster title is becase people are still worried they'll impact sales numbers."

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HebrewHammer2181d ago

Tell that to The Last of Us, Ubisoft.

LOTS of gay characters in that game of the generation.

BattleN2181d ago

A hero to me should be straight, strong, and cool not gay. Although gay people can kick ass lol I'd rather see a normal protagonist in my games!

nirwanda2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

At battle N have you ever heard of the kray brothers maybe you should read about them before thinking all gays are camp.

PoSTedUP2181d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

i doubt it will impact sales if it isnt the main character. and if its the main charcter, i only think it will impact sales if he is flamboyant. i just wouldnt feel right holding a sword or a gun. ive met not one flamboyant homosexual that is hardcore. it depends on the game but the same goes for female charcters; there are the ones who can get down (ellie, laura) with a strong persona, and then the ones who break a nail and complain. same for straight males, i dont wanna play as a b****-dude, save that for a different game... most of the blockbusters are hardcore games, thats what ppl want bc thats why They are blockbusters!

devs can do it right and make it happen, but that is purly up to them. hell, they can turn a new IP into a blockbuster, so technically if they do it right, that game can litterally be anything.

i do think the main problem is the intimacy between two men (not two women, bc that is a turn-on for a lot of guys). dont get me wrong, love is a beautyful thing, but im pretty sure gays are a minority, and a straight male would find it hard to relate to the connection and intimacy of two guys. they would feel more in-tune with whats going on if their character was kissing/sweet-talking a women, plus im pretty sure it releases chemicals in the brain like oxytocin, domamine or seratonin etc. all sausage for a straight male in an intimate situation with their character isnt nearly as good if it would inolve a female, and thats why devs are hesitant, they could lose a lot of money if the gane doesnt sell and would be a big risk to take in the first place.

Minipandaninja2180d ago

Could be pretty funny tough. Imagine your character shooting people and screaming flamboyent things. Even if he was straight it could be funny.

Mass effect and dragon age had gay character and i dont think it impacted sales

PoSTedUP2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

funny= yes, probably, in a specific taste.

an attribute to a blockbuster title that devs want to sell the most they can in an industry that is less understanding= most likely not...

there is an article in the pending section (sorry no link) the Fight to Get Gay into Videogames. watch the gameplay, its a good example of what you are talking about. except it gets ridiculous and annoying after the first time you hear the extremely sterotypical gay stuff, imo. i dont think even 50% of gays can relate to it... lol its so over the top and even gays on youtube say its insulting. but then again it is satire, so... you cant please everyone (but devs want to please the most people they can w/o taking an outlandish risk to try and please a minority or even to set an example)

3-4-52180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

If the character is really likeable, then I don't care if they are gay.

Have the character just be a normal dude or women who happens to be gay and not some annoying stereotype and it's a win/win for everybody.

Would I prefer my characters to be straight? Sure i could relate to them better then, but I don't play games because of the sexual preference of a main character.

* That being said, Stop including annoying characters in games all together. Men, women, straight, gay.....annoying is annoying.

Thatguy-3102181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

No one is afraid of anything. Its 2014 already. When people dont accept it it's simply because they feel that the material is beign forced on them. Ellie could be gay but guess what that doesn't define her as a character. The industry and gamers a like still love her. Make a well crafted character that can stand on it's own and their sexuality will be the last thing people think about. If beign "GAY" is the only thing that the character has going for it then people are going to be put off. Sexuality shouldn't define anyone let it be from a game,book,movie or in life.

Bigpappy2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Correct. If don't right it adds an element of real world to the game. i.e. Morrowind had racism, gangs, gays, classism, slavery, along with thieves, murderers and beast of the night. I loved that game.

100% straight male here though, so please don't try hitting me up.

thehitman2181d ago

Hey there biigpappy How you doing ;)?

On a serious note lol, there are still a lot of people who don't agree with homosexuality but in terms of expressing art and games I think it has space in it and dont think gamers are that close minded into not buying a game because there are gay characters in it.

If the main pro/antagonist are gay in a major game it can sort of cause a stirr... I cant imagine Drake, Mario, or Master Cheif being gay characters if you put everything into perspective. Would people want to buy CoD if the main character your playing is flirting with his squad members?

Ogygian2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )


But. I wouldn't expect to see many homosexual protagonists at all.

Assuming most of the population prefer to play "avatars" who look and act like them (or how they would like to), then as only around 2-5% of the population are homosexual, we shouldn't expect to see many gay protagonists (well none, except in Indie games), given the small market size.

As for other characters, it should fit the setting as has been said. In modern day Germany, I'd expect around one in 40 characters to be openly gay, for example.

BattleN2181d ago

Ellie is not gay she's lesbian haha!

aLucidMind2180d ago

You basically just said "she doesn't like women, she's a lesbian".

Mexxan2181d ago ShowReplies(1)
zeronhero2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

i don't want to play as the gay character, because i cant really identify with the character in that angle. seeing my character kiss another guy would be a turn off.

I am talking relations in terms of sexuality. That is just the way the world works. There is nothing wrong in making a gay protagonist, it is just not for me.

But having the gay or female quota in everything is stupid, they should only be there if it was the plan from the beginning not due to political correctness.

_LarZen_2181d ago

But you can identity with a character that kills hundreds? I kinda find that a little concerning and disturbing...?

zeronhero2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

you really dont know how to read do you
"cant really identify with the character in that ANGLE. seeing my character kiss another guy would be a turn off."

Sorry but that is the worst counter example.

RebelWAC2180d ago

I'm sorry but finding logic in your rebbutal is concerning and disturbing.

Ogygian2180d ago

Sexuality and morality are VERY different. One is biological, the other is learned/chosen.

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_LarZen_2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

So you get turned on by watching gaming characters of the opposite sex fool around? Interesting... All I see is pixels...and in real life all I see is people.

And I don't like labeling people...everything is as nature intended it to be. Or God,Allah etc if you are of the religious type.

GamingNerd0132181d ago

Yeah I'm with u man I have nothing against gay people or games. But at same time I can't relete a char. If he's the main in game simply cause I'm not gay. I'm fine with gay chars. In games kinda like that JRPG game enchanted forgot his name I found him funny and likable cause of his funny personality as long as they r like a side story char. But not as main. As 4 females being main I have no problem cause most of the time they just badass chars playing as like Lara from tomb raider.

ElementX2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Well I can't identify with stereotypical "street" talking black characters. I find them a huge turn off. GTA 5 is almost intolerable because of Franklin. It's completely unnecessary to drop the f-bomb every other line.

aLucidMind2180d ago

I found his friend to be worse. Hearing "nigga" almost three times every line or two often made Franklin's side of the story near unbearable for me to play until he started getting away from the idiot >_<

ABizzel12181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )


But if they were there from the beginning instead of as you said political correctness people would be turned off still.

I have no problem with gay characters in games, and it seems like most people are only concerned about seeing "your" character getting affectionate with another male character which I don't think any game / developer would force feed a relationship like that. I seriously doubt we'll see a game where your character is PHYSICALLY SHOWN slanging thang around with another character, and if that's your biggest concern then it's a dumb one.

Bill from The Last of Us was a good example of a characters who sexuality didn't matter. You didn't know it, until the letter, and even then it did nothing to hurt his character by finding that out.

So let's say the Last of Us 2 starred a gay character, or or Halo 5 revealed Master Chief was gay none of you would play those games at all for the simple fact that the main character was gay?

IMO as long as it's not all the developer is pushing for defining the character it doesn't matter to me, nor should it matter to anyone else. A great character is a great character regardless of gender, race, or sexuality.

That being said a characters sexuality shouldn't be brought up in most games anyway unless it's something like a Mass Effect or other heavily story driven game where relationship / backstory between characters is important. But sex in general in unnecessary for games, movies, and most forms of entertainment, and affection for characters is more than enough.

No one cares if Marcus Fenix and Dom were butt buddies or not, as gamers we just want to kill Locust and play with friends and in that regard it shouldn't matter about the character at all. Homosexuality isn't the flu, and it won't infect you in real life, and certainly not digitally through pixels.

But to not play a game because of a fictional characters sexuality is silly to me. A great character is a great character and a great game is a great game.

I guess it's just all a matter of how/where you grew up and how/where you're raised. As a child and in school I was always taught not to see color, gender, or anything else, but to see people for who they are. And I surround myself with good hearted people regardless of their lifestyle.

Sketchy_Galore2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

I have to admit if given the choice I prefer to play as a white heterosexual male because that's what I am so that's the role I find easiest to inhabit. It's never a deal breaker to play as a character of another race, gender or sexual orientation but if I'm given the choice I always pick white male. I even always pick human if given a choice of species, it's just the way I interact with games, I prefer to place myself in the shoes of the lead character and the more outwardly similar to me that character is the easier I find it.

It's for that very reason that I don't get all bent out of shape when I hear about a gay character in a videogame. I'm sure gay people would prefer to play as a gay character given the choice and providing them with the occasional option to do this isn't exactly forcing some agenda down my throat. The majority of games still cater primarily to me. When almost every videogame character is gay I will start complaining about an agenda being pushed on me but the occasional gay lead character is only fair. If it's not as fun for me playing as this gay character then I'll just know how gay gamers feel playing 99.9% of games out there.

Still I think forcing a gay character into a game just to fill a quota may lead to some pretty terrible writing. Just judging by what an awful stereotype the token black guy in most games always turns out to be.

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FRAKISTAN2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I really hate when homosexuality and Anti-Sexism is shoved down my throat and rubbed on my face.

an i really hate when all the comments will be like " I have nothing against gay or i'm not homophobic"

Its 100% fine not to like homosexuality at all and there is no need to specially mention that you have nothing against gay people

Talidan2181d ago

Where do you draw the line, though? Is it strictly okay to dislike homosexuality, or does that mean it's also okay to dislike homosexuals?

Personally, I swing both ways, but I'm not yelling and screaming for there to be bi video game characters, because that's not the point of games. If a character is bi, gay, straight, that's fine. It's what they do that matters. I wouldn't want a game throwing homosexuality in my face, but nothing wrong with someone being a homosexual in a game.

It's roughly my stance on Pride Parades as well. My mother is currently with a woman, my brother is gay, I'm bi, but goddamn, do I hate Pride Parades.

No one needs homosexuality being forced on them in such a way, in reality or video games.

Like in the Harry Potter series, Dumbledore is gay, but does that have anything at all to do with the events in the series? No. He's just a homosexual, but no where in the books, movies or games is homosexuality shoved down someone's throat.


Talidan2180d ago

I've taken, what I believe, is a pretty in-the-middle position, so now I have to ask, with the multiple disagrees, which part do some of you not agree with?

Homosexuals, period? Or that homosexuality shouldn't be forced on players?