Sonic: The Hedgehog Isn’t Made For Us

CCC Says: "So there have been a lot of complaints about Sonic: The Hedgehog these past few generations. Sonic has had a TON of crappy games come out, with half-baked stories, horrible level design, and crappy controls. Sonic was a werewolf, a knight, a character in Arabian Knights, and now he’s some sort of post-apocalyptic explorer with a fetish for athletic tape in the recently unveiled Sonic Boom. His image has been remade time and time again, he has fought against any number of cartoony throwaway villains, and his games seem to change from goofy, to dark, to edgy, to retro depending on what sort of Sonic animated TV show is on at the time. Sonic is anything but the spunky blue blur that oldschool Sega gamers remember."

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Shinobi1002184d ago

SEGA is doing EVERY possible thing to make a Sonic game for the fans. First, they gave us Sonic Lost World. Everything about that game, from the way it focused almost exclusively on Sonic and Tails instead of their huge cast of modern compadres to the items, enemies, and locations, was a nod to retro Sonic fans. Of course, the gameplay was a little iffy so that hurt the experience for a lot of people.

Now, with Sonic Boom, they're trying to appeal to Americans who have lost touch with Sonic. That's why they've given him some Uncharted and Street Fighter type wardrobe choices. He's an American adventurer in this game. Honestly, it's been over 20 years since the Genesis titles. Sonic could've been 12 years old in those games. I don't know what he would look like 20 years later. He could've started dressing like a street fighting adventurer and Knuckles could've hit puberty and become an absolute beast. All I want is a game that is as magical to play as the Genesis games. And I think Big Red Button and Sanzaru have as good a chance as anyone to give us that experience

linkenski2184d ago

From the looks of the game and especially the level design and style I have this hunch that BigRedButton is the Naughty-Dog that died as they stepped into their Uncharted era. Crash and Jak and Daxter were both very unique and seperate from most other stuff in their generation, Uncharted ended up being a linear story-shooter amongst a huge pile of similar games and in a few years it won't have much value because it isn't visually impressive anymore and the story is forgettable too.

Sonic Boom looks to have the charm and sophistication too, of ND's Jak & Daxter days. I really hope it will be that good and for some reason I have this strange optimistic feeling that it just WILL deliver :-)

Geekman2184d ago

Perhaps YOU were not made for Sonic the Hedgehog! Nah, never mind. I got tired of that thing a while back.