PS4 Exclusive “Souls” Game: “Worth the Wait. Where There is Smoke, There is Fire” – Sony Dev

A few days ago Atlus PR Manager John Hardin put a damper on rumors about a "Demon's Souls 2" in development.

Yet things definitely seem to be brewing behind the scenes.

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-Foxtrot2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

This is great news, I hope it's another souls game.

The thing what they have to focus on now though is how they are going to make this "Souls" game better then the Dark Souls franchise since Dark Souls is basically what a sequel to Demons Souls would of been like.

How do you top something which has already been done

I suppose they could most likely add a much bigger map, towns, villages, better dungeons, more side quests, lots more weapons, better management of skills (make it so what you specialise in matters)

I mean if you could make it "Elder Scrolls Souls" then it would be amazing. You'd be combining the best things of each game. Suppose you could add a little renovation to homes like in Fable or Skyrims Hearthfire pack.

Abriael2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Going back to the very realistic armor style of the first Demon's Souls could be a good beginning since Dark Souls has veered a bit more towards the fantasy-ish.

I know it's a small detail for many, but for me it's a huge differentiating factor.

DragonKnight2184d ago

Agreed about the armor.

There are more than few differences between Demon's and Dark Souls that can be used for a true sequel to Demon's Souls.

Demon's Souls had much tighter combat in my opinion. There wasn't a lot of ways you could cheese someone when fighting like in Dark Souls. At most, there was the Uchi stunlock. Parry was easier, but backstabbing was harder because you didn't have a backstab window the size of Super Smough's backside.

So returning to that tight combat would be awesome.

The magic system was superior in my opinion. What good is a sorcerer that can't cast spells like in Dark Souls? Your sorcerer inevitably has to rely on melee more than magic in Dark Souls, whereas in Demon's Souls there was a good balance due to the MP system.

Faith builds were actually viable, and pretty OP, but they had options. Miracles like God's Wrath were slower to cast than Wrath of the Gods in Dark Souls.

Dark Souls did weapon upgrade paths better but Demon's Souls had better scaling and strength weapons were viable.

The hub-like world may not have been as immersive as in Dark Souls, but the Nexus felt like a true place of rest, and had its own life. Demon's Souls also had more fascinating and unique characters than in Dark Souls.

Old King Doran. 'nuff said.

I loved the World Tendency aspect because it was better than the Gravelord aspect of Dark Souls. Gravelording only works on people who are at NG+ or higher whereas World Tendency has no such restrictions.

There's so much more I can go on about, but suffice it to say they could easily use what was in Demon's Souls to make a true sequel to it.

"Soul of the Mind, key to life's ether..."

isa_scout2184d ago

Thanks for all the news today...First Destiny now this, hell yeah.IGN sucks so bad now days that dualshockers is quickly becoming my go to site. Keep up the good work.

cemelc2183d ago

My only wish for a new demon/dark souls is to remove the backstab.

Im tired of seeing naked characters running like idiots backstabing, whats even worse is that 9/10 they can lagstab you 10m away.

I want support for pvp is that too much to ask? i want duels of skill, no who backstab who faster.

Oh_Yeah2184d ago

Elder scrolls souls.....yes, exactly what I want in an rpg.

MysticStrummer2184d ago

Indeed, and the Souls series was the first thing I thought of when I read about how people viewing your PS4 stream can influence your game in various ways.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Well Sony have that thing, I can't remember what its called, but where Viewers can interact with Streamers of a game.

If this is a type of Demons Soul/Dark Souls type of game, then it would perfect to implement the interaction feature into this game, make the game more difficult, more frightening etc

Blastoise2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Some of those idea's are terrible and would be completely out of place. Towns, villages and home renovation in a Souls game? No.

-Foxtrot2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

They don't have to be features which the game focuses on, they just have to be toned down to fit the theme of the game.

You should easily be able to make abandoned places safe spots to rest in and store gear. These would require tools you would either buy or find in the game. The more "safe houses" the easier it is to survive in the more harder area, but obviously this would be even harder as the tools and resources wouldn't be easy to find.

Towns and Villages would also have to be included in some form if they added a bigger map.

If your wandering around fighting off demons and monsters in this massive map then your obviously going to come across a place like Boletarian Palace. Hell even run down, ruined towns with shady looking people such as the merchants you find in Demons Souls, it's to be expected. I'm not talking about bright, warm towns in Skyrim where everything is in law and order, that wouldn't fit at all.

It can be done, the problem is your thinking of whats in Elder Scrolls being placed DIRECTLY into a Souls game instead of envisioning those features being done in the STYLE of the Souls franchise so it fits in without sticking out.

Boletarian Palace would obviously have a town before the palace gates, what would that be like. Mostly in ruins but thats what you'd want to see.

Irishguy952184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Lets wait and see what Dark souls 2 brings first, every fan who's played the beta believes it's better than Dark souls so far(including me), and every previewer has the same opinion(those who have played the actual game). They fixed the online for Dark, Demons was way better and the brought that back for Dark Souls 2. Then they changed the potion system and health system alot. I thought the potion system Ester flasks were vastly superior to Demons souls systems, as I simply ended up with a rediculous amount of health regen items.

We have to see about level design too. As both Demons and Dark had amazing level design segments at some points, like Sen castle in Dark Souls and the Prison tower in Demons

It's a bit weird to me atm, everyone seems to be forgetting Dark souls 2 is coming out in a month. And just keep focusing on this next gen game that isn't even announced yet. Souls series are the types of games were more processing power is a just a bonus. It's all about the game design. Although I do hope we dont' have FPS drops again

No FanS Land2184d ago

I hope they don't pull another blighttown in Dark Souls 2.
just like the 5th world in demon's souls.
crazy drops.

iDadio2184d ago

Im one of the few that havnt forgot it seems, quite the contrary really as I bought Dark Souls yesterday to play again in preparation (traded old copy in after getting the platinum).

Souls series easily one of my favourite ever, a next gen one would be something to seriously look forward to.

Destrania2183d ago

I put hundereds upon hundreds of hours into both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, so no, I haven't forgotten Dark Souls 2 is coming very soon haha. I still wish it was the same director though, which is why I'm curious as to what he's been working on.

cocadaking2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Hopefully the devs won't listen to a word you said...villages, Elder Scrolls Souls ...(shivers)

What Demon's Souls 2, maybe all next gen games need is some ridiculous clever AI. Make the monsters adapt to situations, use different strategies, team up, disarm you and use your weapons against you, etc

diehardmetallicafan2184d ago

I just want to travel back to the nexus! the only thing about dark souls that was lacking was a true resting place.

moujahed2184d ago

I agree, not only that but oddly I am started to respect you more and more. Intelligent post. Bigger isn't always better though, they need to sit down and bring something truly innovative.

-Foxtrot2184d ago


I only said it because they are things off the top of my head as I don't know what they could do with them obviously going to have to one up Dark Souls.

SirBradders2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

They need to make a souls game from the beginning. Let me elaborate both demons and dark tells the story of an aftermath of what once was, so make the first game of that first war/takeover/invasion and then transition into the hero guy trying to revert it back to what once was but delve into the guys story of his original non hollow state and then make it so he lost so much that he is fighting soullessly to bring it all back.

I don't know if most will understand what I'm trying to say but in my head it makes so much sense.

P.S. I'm drunk

Xer0_SiN2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

of course atlus put a damper on demon souls 2 rumors. they only stepped in and published it in the west cause sony didnt. now when demons souls 2 get released you know sony is gonna handle the publishing making atlus all sour about the details LOL. can we say broken archstone? praise the sun!

SilentNegotiator2184d ago

Zero reason to waste a good exclusive IP like Demon's Souls.

showtimefolks2184d ago

at E3

show a new update version build of drive club with fall 2014 or even early 2015 release date. Delay it till 2015 if it needs more time. Give evolution studios enough time to really make something which is excellent and true next gen racing experience

The order 1886, prove an on stage demo

Show bishock for Vita

Show Uncharted

show GG's new IP

and as usual show few 3rd party blockbusters

than to close at the end show 2 games:

Lights off and on screen reads the word Demon's Souls 2. No Details, no release date nothing juts show the name.

and Jack comes back on stage and says goodbye and see you guys next year but says he has one more surprise, ladies and Gentlemen here is Last Guardian for PS4 coming fall 2014

walks off

SegataSanshiro2184d ago

Says the guy who writes would of instead of would have

hiredhelp2184d ago

Wow the spell masters in force today huh.

hkgamer2184d ago

Dark Souls was basically the unofficial sequel. Probably due to bad contracts with making the sequels to demon souls or just a big fuck off to sony.

Now what can Sony do to make Demon Souls 2 without it being a Clone. I know demon souls came out first, but if its going to be made by a different team then it will always be classed as a clone.

I think its not worth making a sequel unless they make it for the vita. Risk it and maybe it can be one of those games that will be part fo the must have lis for the vita.

madpuppy2184d ago

For all you Demon's Souls lovers out there, I hope they are right. but, sometimes when there is smoke it is not always fire, sometimes it's mirrors.

bsmith612183d ago

So basically what you are saying is that you want to get rid of everything that makes the Souls franchise unique and turn it into a clone of a mediocre WRPG franchise?

-Foxtrot2183d ago

Eh....where the hell did I say get rid of anything

I said expand on it and combine the best of other RPG games.

Combining the best elements from Elder Scrolls and other RPGs in a Demons Souls franchise would be amazing.

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ajax172184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

The only thing I like better about Demon's Souls is the Nexus. It's so hard to remember where everything connects in Dark Souls. Oh, and I also prefer Demon's Souls' music to Dark Souls'.

On topic- I really hope they make another Demon's Souls. I pre-ordered Dark Souls 2 and I can't wait! I love these games!

Sithlord-Gamble2184d ago

Agreed. The Nexus was sorely missed in Dark Souls imo.
I couldn't finish Dark Souls. I found the open world concept just too overwhelming.
And this is coming from a Demons Souls plat owner.

I will admit that I'm disappointed that I won't be able to play Dark Souls 2; as my PS3 went byebye when I got my PS4.

Here's to hoping for a Souls PS4 game!

bigtrucknd2184d ago

I liked listening to and watching the opening of Demon's Souls. The melody was so ominous and set the tone of the game perfectly.

IG-882184d ago

I think that Fire link was a little like the nexus but yeah the nexus was better and I liked the maiden in black too. Dark Souls II does seem like they are going back to a more Demon's Souls hub location and a maiden in black like character so it could be a win win. I can't say that this will be the case 100% because i am trying not to get much info of how the game is going to be so that it will all be new when I play it in 2 weeks but man is it hard some times. I just can't wait for it to come out!

SmokingMonkey2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Demon's Souls on PS+ please.

That's an eight year old game we would enjoy! ;)

BobbytheBuilder2184d ago

lol its only 5 years old, but it would indeed be awesome if it was on PS+

ajax172184d ago

It's a 5 year old game and it was already on PS+ last year... at least in North America.

Abriael2184d ago

Not sure why people would NOT want DS on PS+... unless they're disagreeing with the minor detail on the game's age.

_FantasmA_2184d ago

Its already been on Plus.

Back-to-Back2183d ago

Stop being cheap and buy the game. You wont regret it.

PSVita2183d ago

The did give it away for ps+

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Nyromith2184d ago

I just hope it's not an online-only free to play game like Deep Down. Keeping my expectations low to avoid another disappointment.

Abriael2184d ago

I seriously doubt Sony would make a Deep Down clone considering that they already have Deep Down, no?

MysticStrummer2184d ago

That, and I wonder about people who are disappointed by games they can't possibly have played yet.

ajax172184d ago

Intelligent bubble, lol.