Greater Character Diversity in Gaming Should Be Achieved Through Passion, and Not Obligation

A look at why the goal of diverse video game characters should be reached by those with passionate visions on the subject, rather than by climbing over the corpses of a legion of half-hearted attempts.

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SilverTuna2184d ago

I found this to be a pretty insightful and original approach to this subject.

Also I agree that sheer numbers of different types of gaming characters doesn't really seem like the solution to this problem.

MisterFantastic2184d ago

Still to this day Joel and Ellie are the only characters who actually captured my heart and connected with. Then there's John Marston

ABizzel12184d ago

A great character is colorless. You enjoy a character simply because you can relate to them is some kind of way, or want to see their journey and generally hope they succeed. A great character is someone / something that just sells believability to the story, and a great character can elevate a game like a great story.

Sketchy_Galore2184d ago

Haven't even read the article yet but the title itself is the most spot on and intelligent point I've seen on this issue from either side.

Baccra172184d ago

Thought article was about diversity, but it's about gays instead. Should be upfront about hat in title.

SilverTuna2184d ago

Primarily the recent events concerning the appearance of homosexual characters in gaming is the focus point, but the message holds true for a variety of character types.

Denton562184d ago

Author here.

In case it bothers anyone, this piece does mainly look at gay characters in gaming, as the inspiration came from Far Cry 3 writer Lucien Soulban's recent comments on the topic.

I don't know why an article clearly about diversity would cause a red alert when homosexuals are mentioned, but there you are.

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