Battlefield 4′s Dragon’s Teeth and Final Stand DLC To Be Developed By DICE LA

MP1st - We reported earlier that Battlefield 4′s Naval Strike expansion was confirmed for a late March release, and according to one DICE Stockholm developer, it will also be the studio’s last expansion for Battlefield 4 as DLC production moves over to DICE LA.

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Crazyglues2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

DICE LA is AKA -(Danger Close), the idiots who made the last medal of honor, and the same clowns who couldn't get the mics to work in-game on PS3 they only worked in the lobby... Epic Fail studio

They Suck... -Now they will work on messing up BF4 some more.. Wow Great News.. couldn't pick a worst studio to handle this..

||.........___||............ ||

loulou2187d ago

and thats a wrap.

bf4 will remain the lag riddled mess that it is because dice have now obviously moved onto battlefront or bf5 or are doing both for every system under the sun.

i have premium, but i just bring myself to touch it anymore due to the horrendous issues. never again dice

venom062187d ago

what a LAME-A$#, unneccesarily negative article... NOWHERE did DICE say that they were "packin up and move on from BF4" .. Dice LA are only making the Dragons Teeth and Last Stand maps.. THATS IT.. Dice Sweden will still be supporting the game, just like they're supporting the game after DICE LA made Second Assault. I swear some of these so-called game journalist are brain dead sometimes.

3-4-52187d ago

DICE is working on Star Wars Battlefront, so they need all the man power they can get for that.

Would you rather them work on DLC for a game that is pretty good, but not satisfactory for everyone,


Would you rather they work on SW Battlefront ?

Dirtnapstor2187d ago

Testing the waters with Danger Close? Will they pass or fail? Pretty sure it's them... I like the MOH games.
Maybe DICE is working on a Dino expansion pack?

Starbucks_Fan2187d ago

Is that a good or bad thing?

WorldGamer2187d ago

Yea, from the tone of the article, it seems it might not be something positive.

Hope they finish off stronger than they started out.

NarooN2187d ago

Danger Close, which is what DICE LA used to be called, were the guys who pretty much killed off the Medal of Honor series by making two abysmal games in said series (Medal of Honor 2010 and Medal of Honor: Warfighter.) Warfighter sold so terribly, and had such terrible reviews that EA decided to put the series on sabbatical because they knew the series reputation was too tainted as a result.

Whether or not you think it's a bad thing that they're working on this DLC is up to you.

pompombrum2187d ago

Am I the only one who feels a little bit cheated by this? As someone dumb enough to invest in premium, I done so believing that I'd get quality content from the Battlefield 4 developers not pawned off to a different studio. DICE LA is made up of the MoH developers isn't it? No disrespect to them but that is a huge dip in quality if the MoH maps were anything to go by.

I guess that is the risk of investing in premium and it remains to be seen what the quality of the other map packs are but still feel a little cheated tbh.

dazzrazz2187d ago

Sold this turd of a game month after waiting for non rubber banding servers. EA dropped the ball really low @ this point I give zero fucks to any future games stapled with DICE & EA logo

CaEsAr-2187d ago

I salute you my friend.

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