The Daily Five: What Rocksteady Needs to Do with Batman

"With all signs pointing to a brand new Batman game, we can’t help be a little bit excited about Rocksteady’s imminent return to the Arkham series. While WB Montreal made a valiant attempt, it couldn’t come close to capturing the magic of the first two titles in the series. However, Arkham Asylum or Arkham City weren’t perfect either. There are plenty of things Rocksteady could add (or take away) to make the next Arkham game even better than the originals." - Travis Tucker

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-Foxtrot2189d ago

Massive open world game...with the Batmobile, other vehicles and the Batwing.

Thats the main things I want...because I know by the time they get to the sequel or third game they can keep on adding to it

I'd rather see this game as a new the "Gotham" trilogy since the Arkham trilogy is complete in my eyes.

Batman: Gotham
Batman: Gotham Knight
Batman: Gotham Falls

Something like that

2188d ago
rodiabloalmeida2189d ago

How about a vacation? I love the Arkham games, my favorite super hero games ever, but I think B-man needs a break.

GeraltofRivia2188d ago

vacation in another location outside of Gotham City with Catwoman, then all hell breaks loose, then you get to play as both them, again. i don't know that randomly popped in my head.

ZombieKiller2188d ago

Batman doesn't take vacations

maniacmayhem2189d ago

Batman needs to chill and another DC hero needs to shine.
Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman...SUPERMAN(for love's sake)need to have a proper game done with the same budget and time that Batman: Arkham has received.

RedDeadLB2188d ago

I disagree with the idea of bringing back Joker. It would make the finale of Arkham City completely useless. Plus, we already have three games with Joker in the spotlight. I would like to see how Joker's death impacted Batman in the next game, how it changed his personality. We've already seen a glimpse in the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC, so that should be interesting to find out. And seriously, going open world would definitely ruin the game. The Batwing as a controllable mode of transportation would work, but the Batmobile is a no-go if they want to make the world detailed and tightly packed as in the previous games. Multiplayer - completely unnecessary. Superman - would break the game dynamics.

Lukebb912188d ago

Marvels's daredevil needs his own solo game. Open world, dark and gory.
With the punisher as a on and of friend should make a really good game.

Batman arkham games are good but need a break, maybe they need more time to complete a game bug free..... Just a thought.

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