Dragon Age Inquisition - Is it another big game disaster of 2014?

"Bioware's next entry in the Dragon Age series is on its way and skeptics are waiting with baited breath to see what happens. Is this going to be a miss for the Bioware boys, moving along with the disappointing Dragon Age II, or will it be a homerun smash returning to the glory of Dragon Age: Origins? Only time will tell."

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Anon19742185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Um, didn't Dragon Age II sell over 2 million and manage a metacritic score over 80? There seems to be some revisionist history going on here. It was certainly no Dragon Age Origins, but this article makes it out like it was a complete flop, not a well reviewed game that sold a couple of million.

Now I played it myself and didn't like it nearly as much as Origins, but my biggest problem was that I enjoyed Origins. Playing DA2, I kept comparing it to the original, which I loved. It wasn't a bad game in my opinion by any stretch of the imagination, but after playing it I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't played the first one. Judged on it's own merits, I think this was a perfectly enjoyable RPG for fans of the genre. I'm very much looking forward to the next one.

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R6ex2184d ago

I, for one, enjoyed DA2 more than DAO. The character customization in DA2 is much, much better; but sadly Morrigan was missing in DA2.

Roccetarius2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

What character customization? DA2 was a downgrade in that aspect. Just like ME2 was a downgrade in customization.

Eamon2184d ago

wtf? There was virtually no character customization in DA2 in your party. You could only level up some skills but weapons were locked.

Roccetarius2184d ago

The game being pretty much standalone was exactly the problem. People expected a continuation of Origins, but all we got was a game with barely any connection. Pulling a Final Fantasy like that understandably left people confused.

yeahright22184d ago

Sales aren't always everything. Consider this, how many people complained about da2? Didn't they buy the game? Sure ea already has their money, but simply purchasing a game does not mean you love it.

Aloren2183d ago

Complaining about a game doesn't make it a complete flop either.

TheTowelBoy2184d ago

Bubble for being reasonable.

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starchild2184d ago

Well said. I fully agree with you.

NeoTribe2184d ago

Like you said, it was bad compared to the first one. People bought it expecting a game better than the original. They took a giant step back, used the same dungeon the entire game and hardly polished main cities and enviroments. It was a rushed mess, thats why people are not fully trusting this new one yet.

Tempest3172183d ago

DA2 was a travesty imo...took the large environments and awesome character customization/development and instead gave us the same dungeon over and over. The problem wasnt that it was a bad game, its that DA:O set the bar incredibly high, and DA2 couldnt even jump high enough to get near that bar. Focused more on making the animations and combat more suited for the adhd crowd instead of the serious rpg "I like to pause my game and meticulously direct my party through every second of combat". I will never play da2 again, but as a massive fan of the first, ill also never forget the letdown of the 2nd.

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maniacmayhem2185d ago

DA cannot afford to drop the ball with part 3. They knew they seriously messed up with 2 and while I enjoyed some aspects of the game there was other design decisions that left me baffled. Same dungeons, unable to equip party members armor and a seriously slow storyline.

I really hope that Dragon Age 3 corrects all this, lord knows it has been in production long enough.

yeahright22184d ago

My biggest complaint will always be the kill shots. I remember playing a rogue in origins and stabbing a dark spawn with one sword, impaling him, followed up by a decapitation with my other sword, finally a boot to the torso to get him off my blade. And what did da2 have for my rogue? A smoke bomb that has me appear behind an enemy only to watch said enemy explode in a less than impressive animation.

Bigpappy2185d ago

I enjoyed both and will be getting the third. But I do prefer they allow for more RPG customization and options.

starchild2184d ago

That's how I feel about it too. I enjoyed both DA and DA2 but they streamlined some of the customization too much in DA2 and they should improve those things in Inquisition.

Blacklash932184d ago

"Game sequels in general end up in failure"

Not really. It's hit-or-miss. Some build on the originals very well, and others fall short in areas.

"The original Mass Effect was definitely not dark and gritty; it was bright, colorful, eccentric and fun. The sequels decided to throw this out the window and instead go for a dark and gritty space shooter"

Mass Effect 2 and 3 were waaaayyyy more eccentric and colorful than Mass Effect 1. And Mass Effect 1 arguably has a darker and more serious tone overall.

Dark112184d ago

That is too early to tell but so far from the 30min demo it looks great.

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