Twitch on the rise of Xbox One broadcasting and future of PS4 streaming (update)

Twitch broadcasting came to the PlayStation 4 first, but it's coming to the Xbox One better, at least for now.

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AngelicIceDiamond2184d ago

"Because Sony wanted their integration built in on the hardware level, they handled it themselves with our guidance, while we worked on the app in-house for Microsoft, but ensured it aligned with their vision and roadmap."

MS approached them on a intimate level it sounds.

Great for both Sony and MS for making this thing happen finally. Feel like we're getting spoiled with all these great games to take advantage of these social features.

adorie2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

"Sony wanted their integration built in on the hardware level"

"while we worked on the app in-house for Microsoft"

I'd like to know who has the deeper integration.

4Sh0w2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

adorie they basicly are the same as far as I can tell except micro chose to hold it back from launch to have some extra features built in:

"Xbox One's app, due to hit on March 11, will arrive with some new features including the ability to archive streams and for viewers to join a broadcaster in game."

I believe I read Twitch on X1 is different from ps4 because will also have the ability to go to a full-screen view of the game you're playing or use an on-screen viewer indicator to keep an eye on how popular your live broadcast is.  Still the slickest new feature for me is that you can join in the broadcasters game.

dantesparda2183d ago

The PS4 ver. can go full screen and it shows you how many viewers are watching you. The only thing missing so far, is the ability to join someones game, (but it does have a interect button, so maybe it does have it) and if not then its coming cuz Sony showed that in Gamescom

FamilyGuy2183d ago

Archiving your streamed sessions is also missing from the PS4 version. Meaning you can stream but you can't save a recording of your stream to your Twitch account or any other for that matter. You record and upload OR you can stream but you can't do both at the same time.

Archiving and being able to join a streamers game session are the two biggest features that the X1s version of Twitch has over the PS4 version.
The X1 version can also watch any game session no matter the device the stream is coming from as apposed to the PS4 version only able to see PS4 streams but you could just use the PS4 web browser to do that too so it's not as big a deal as the other two features.

dantesparda2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )


The ability to join a streamers game in progress is in the Ps4 too, it even has a "interact" button, its just not being utilized by developers yet/much right now and you can watch the streams on the Andriod/iPhone with the PS app. The only real thing this has over it is just the archiving, but come on you know they can just update it and add it in. Plus PS4 also can do all the same things with Ustream

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Mikey322302183d ago

Sony also has the "Join Game" feature... its just not implemented by devs. (it was talked about way back when the PS4 was unveiled.

I really dont see many feature differences at all. unless you really call going Full screen a feature? its more a UI tweak that sony should also allow the option for.

dantesparda2183d ago

You can go full screen on the PS4 too

christocolus2184d ago

A lot of gamers are going to be streaming titanfall at launch. Smart move by ms. Definitly a great game to launch the service with. Will be looking out for pvz streams too.

AutoCad2184d ago

anyone know what is acceptable upload speed to stream?
i know i wont be able to stream just for the fact that Time Warner is trash and fios not in my area.

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ThanatosDMC2183d ago

It's best if you're hardwired.

DEEBO2183d ago

i already have the mar11 update.i updated my controller,i can brodcast and watch twitch and my surround sound settings are DD now.

MS gave me code for early updates before they come out but they ask for feedbacks on their website.


I have the update to but I cannot stream from my X1 using twitch. Your the first person I've seen say that. How do you do it?

Dudebro902183d ago

He's wrong. Broadcasting isnt available yet. You can say Xbox broadcast, but it just opens up the twitch app.

DEEBO2183d ago

I never tried to brodcast so i don't know if it works or not hell i got the ps4 and i never brodcast a game just not my thing.

i know it says it at the bottom of my gamer tag and DD works now too

Lulz_Boat2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

what about the "interact" feature?? uh?

oh... :)

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