Marc Whitten announces that friend notifications won't be added until the next update

Marc Whitten as announced on twitter that Xbox One users will have to wait until the next update (I ain't talking about March's update. Apperently he is teasing this to be added in a April update to the console but that hasn't been confirmed

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Illionaire2186d ago

Friend notifications should have been there since day 1.

creatchee2186d ago

A lot of what they are updating should have been there at launch. I mean, I understand it's a new console and what not, but they had it down perfectly on 360, so I have no idea why they thought the half-assed party and friends system would fly this time around.

All of that said, I'm glad that they're making it happen.

Mr Pumblechook2186d ago

Microsoft praising a Polygon article, I wonder why...

No_Limit2186d ago

A update in March and another update in April? Yes, thank heaven the XB1 is getting these much needed update as soon as possible and XB1 owners don't have to wait for the larger updates that happens like twice a year like it was with the X360.

UncleGermrod2186d ago

They must realize some of these changes/feature could not wait a whole year. Also, I think the newer platform and increased live support make these frequent updates more the norm. I think it is really awesome. I have the update beta preview on my x1 now and the new changes are great.

While not as important, I hope for new customization options such as backgrounds etc. , but that could maybe wait for a larger annual update.

gamertk4212186d ago

Bring back the blades!!!

cell9892186d ago

sigh* xbox people boasted about online features through out the life of last generation, how the 360 offered superb online features that justified the premium charge for Gold, now the next gen xbone still cant roll with the times to what is now standard, at least its good to know its coming, its just that it should have been there since day one, same with twitch streaming

Irishguy952186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Yes both the X1 and Ps4 were rushed. X360 had friend notifications Day 1. Cross game chat day 1, achievements etc. Ps3 took years to catch up and never did in the end.

X1 and Ps4 were rushed.

Edit - I didn't say 'party chat' I said cross game chat. It had cross game chat with 1 person from day 1. Party just expanded that to 8 people instead of 1. Ps3s ram stopped this from happening. As Sony stated

BlackTar1872186d ago

360 didn't have party chat day 1. Xbox 360 came out on November 22, 2005
Part chat came out on November 19, 2008

I still don't think ps4 has friend login notification.

ThanatosDMC2186d ago


Yeah, I miss that and the little comment we could put on our names or the ability to put ourselves on Away so people would stop messaging us when we're eating or something.

lolCHILLbro2186d ago

Well Xbox One has already had features added to online and PS4 has not yet

GolfVictorPapa2186d ago

1st poster is right, should have been there since launch.

Although a bunch of features that should have existed since launch will be fixed in March I still can't understand why MS left them out to start with. If this was their first console I could understand but they've been at this for a while!!


I'm starting to think the Xbox was meant to launch around this time along with Titanfall as a launch day title. Sony must've really caught them off guard.

UncleGermrod2186d ago

I always thought this was maybe the case. Prob would not have had any major hardware changes, but I bet they would have gotten the software off to a better start. Also, I think this is why they were so unprepared to discuss their "vision" at e3. I bet they thought Sony would launch fall 2014, and figured they would break the norm and get a spring launch and try to get a head start that way. Who knows. We have no proof, and even if they ever admitted this, it wouldn't be until we were already well into a new console gen. Still, I love my x1, and my ps4 for that matter.

testerg352186d ago

So no PS4 firmware upgrades coming because the PS4 is complete or because Sony is slow?


Software is not Sony's strongest suit I'll happily admit. But considering that don't you find it bizarre that a primarily SOFTWARE driven company like Microsoft created a console with a worse UI and features than the PS4. PS4 had friends list from launch. Had the ability to check your controllers battery from launch. Had the ability to manage your hard drive space from launch. Shall I go on?

Leo Atrox2186d ago

@PLAYINB3YOND: The Xbox One's system OS didn't have all the same features as the PS4's at launch. I'll give you that. But the PS4 isn't a clear-cut winner in terms of which console's UI is better. I think that determining which is worse is almost entirely subjective, left to the personal preferences of the user.

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