Will Halo Dominate E3 2014?

Justin from Pixel Gate writes:

Call me what you may, but I’m a huge fan of the Halo series and love the world that Bungie had crafted, and was equally impressed at the package we had delivered from 343 in 2012 with Halo 4. Sure, some people weren’t too impressed with the overall experience in Halo 4, but I still thought it was a solid game, and still had a great time with the game. Hell, it tied with Far Cry 3 for my GOTY back when it released.

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darthv722182d ago

I dont know about "dominate" because there will be plenty of new and interesting titles announced for all platforms. It will certainly have its fair share of eyes upon it though.

From those who are heavy into the halo series and from those who would want to break down every frame for inconsistencies.

Septic2182d ago

Hehe so true.

As a Halo fan I am super excited.

But I think Uncharted will dominate simply because at first glance, visually it will be jaw dropping. So the shock and awe factor will make loads of people rave about it.

Vegamyster2182d ago

Halo, Uncharted & Zelda, it should be interesting,

Reverent2182d ago

If an Uncharted game is announced, and if they actually show off gameplay, that would be pretty damn hard to top.

Septic2182d ago


An Uncharted game has been announced already.

NukaCola2182d ago

I think regardless of what either Sony or MS does, if Fallout 4 is announced, this will be the talk of the town.

GameNameFame2182d ago

Bungies halo? Maybe, but not 343's halo

B-radical2182d ago

We may be surprised by halo graphics as much as uncharted though

Kryptix2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Halo would definitely be the talk of Microsoft's E3 but not overall. With Nintendo still needing to show a new Zelda and Sony with Uncharted, I believe this will the most explosive E3 in years for all fans. Last year it was about presenting PS4 and Xbox One, this year it will be about what heavy hitter games we should look forward to for those systems. So we'll definitely have a lot to talk about very soon.

GearSkiN2181d ago

I'm sorry 343 topped budgie on how halo looks on 360

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Magicite2181d ago

I can only say 1 thing for sure: next E3 will be a hell of a show!

medman2181d ago

Ubisoft mentioned at last years E3 that what they have in store for E3 2014 will blow people away....and that was after they revealed The Division to the shock and awe of everyone. So I'm not sure exactly what Ubisoft has up their sleeve, but I'm looking forward to laying eyes on it. That, and Uncharted. And the next Mass Effect. And more The Order. And Halo. And The Witcher. And......I could go on, but I'll stop there.

SkippyPaccino2182d ago

It's Microsofts wet dream "please let are only decent franchise be the Bell at the ball... Please let it be the most magical of them all... lastly please make sure this cow hasn't dried up, it's pretty embarrassing when you're about to hit that and it's all dry..."

If the new Halo is the talk of E3,then it's probably going to be a horrible showing on everyone part... I want to be blown away at e3 by awesome games no matter which console

christocolus2182d ago

I dont know about others but im definitly looking forward to halo at E3. With all ms and 343i are putting into that project im certain its going to amaze alot of fans. Joseph staten is also back from bunjie and most likely working on the project too and if the hints dropped by the devs at 343i is to be believed then halo5 is most definitly going to be one of the best looking games out there.

Walker2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Sony will dominate E3 2014 with Uncharted 4 ! no doubt !

sgtGanGreen2182d ago

HAHA I think some unannounced suprises will dominate E3

JackVagina2182d ago

Last guardian PS4 will dominate E3 2014

GearSkiN2181d ago

Lol I that's even alive

DigitalRaptor2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

@ Jack

Ah yes, our old friend Trico is back and coming to PS4.

There's so much going on behind closed doors and partnerships that have been made with studios working on PS4, that I don't think people are ready to even anticipate what is in the works.

GamerEuphoria2182d ago

Duke Nukem Forever and Ever!

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