Here’s why Demon’s Souls 2 May or May Not Still Exist

Junkie Monkeys: When asked about a Demon’s Souls sequel, an Atlus employee recently responded with a statement. It’s not exactly something fans wanted to hear. At the same time there’s plenty of evidence supporting a possible Demon’s Souls sequel that may or may not still exist. With Souls game director stepping down from work on Dark Souls 2, and reliable sources giving plenty of hints at the games existence, the game may just be in development (maybe).

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BiggCMan2189d ago

I would love to see it some day :/ It probably will never happen though because of Dark Souls. The games would just be near copies of each other unless they redefined it or something, but nobody wants that either.

I am fine though with Dark Souls continuing on, as Demon's Souls had a pretty finite story. Then again so did Dark Souls, but they found a way to make 2 a continuation in the same universe as the first one.

At least they aren't butchering the series in any way, as Dark Souls is still one of the best games of last gen, right alone with Demon's Souls. And Dark Souls 2 looks to keep that going as well.

It's so rare to hit that kind of consistency these days, with only a handful of games being able to do it. The Souls series, Uncharted or Naughty Dog in general, inFamous, Metal Gear etc. There's more but I think of those first.

Dark Souls 2 looks magnificent and I have no worries about this game at all. There's not really much reason for a Demon's Souls 2 because they have moved on to Dark Souls.

yewles12189d ago

...because it's like asking for Soul Blade/Edge 2?

joab7772189d ago

B/c I truly think there is a souls spiritual successor coming to the ps4...not dark or demons.