Formula 1 Championship Demo Downloadable in US on Launch Day

Moving onto the subject of PS3 launch titles, Harrison expressed 'delight' with the initial batch of PS3 games. "We're launching with a stronger line-up of first-party titles than we had with the launches of PS1, PS2 and PSP", revealed Harrison. "The difference this time is that more have come out of Sony's Worldwide Studios than before. Bearing in mind that we launched PS2 with Fantavision as a first party title - great game though it is - it's by no means the game on which you would rest an entire format. But look as PS3 launching in America with Resistance, Genji, NBA in full HD and Motortorm. Plus an F1 demo available day one as a download and retail games coming out very shortly after the launch. That's a pretty compelling line-up."

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