Titanfall for Xbox One and Limited Edition Controller Available for Less Than $100, Only for Today

Online retailer Tiger Direct has a limited-time deal for Titanfall fans: for today only, you can get the Titanfall bundle deal, which includes the Xbox One version and the limited edition wireless controller, for less than $100.

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creeping judas2186d ago

New story to be posted on N4G in about an hour with the headline;

"early adopters of Xbox One controllers angry with MS over new controller promotion"

No_Limit2186d ago

LMFAO. I'll bet it will be coming from Dualshockers as well.

Darth Gamer2186d ago

Just bought the new Titanfall controller the other day. For 5 extra dollars I couldn't pass it up. Can't wait for the game.

SliceOfTruth8882186d ago

I almost fell over when i thought i read Limited Edition Titanfall and Titanfall Controller for 99.99........i knew it couldnt be true but i went all the way to the cart before i realized i was just stupid

Death2186d ago

I hit the remote start on my truck yesterday. I was pretty tired after a long day. The first thing that went through my head when I hit the button is if I wanted my truck to follow me or wait in guard mode. True story. I am getting old though so it could just be early stages of dementia.

Galletto32186d ago

Heh. Maybe someday (far) in the future, if cars have autonomous features they can pull out of parking spots to meet at your location. Google is already messing with very base functions of driver less cars so who knows

LogicStomper2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

I think it's just a sign that you've been playing too much Titanfall. :P

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