'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt' - How Xbox One and PS4 have freed CD Projekt RED

Examiner: "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt stands to be one of the first truly next gen titles. But what exactly does that mean?
In an exclusive interview with Examiner, Gameplay Designer Andrzej Kwiatkowski spoke with us about some of the features of CD Projekt RED’s upcoming title and explains why what they are doing wouldn’t have been possible on the last generation of consoles."

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vikingland12191d ago

I expect this game to be amazing. It's one of my most anticipated games this year.

CrossingEden2191d ago

I like how this game has a smaller budget than other next gen games that are more linear and have less content, this game and CD projekt red put those games and developers to shame.

webeblazing2191d ago

most pc devs put other dev to shame. theyre use to working with small budgets but do way more with them. thats the only thing i dont get about the obsession with AAA games.

ThanatosDMC2191d ago

I hope there's dismemberment.

Roccetarius2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

If you noticed the gifs released of trailers, then you can see the hands being cut off. I'd say there's definitely dismemberment in the game.