Carrier Assault And Fights At Sea In Battlefield 4 Naval Strike - Preview

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike introduces us to water-based combat in 4 new maps seth in the South China Sea. We get our hands on new weapons and gadgets, a new hovercraft vehicle and the new game mode Carrier Assault also known as the Titan mode from Battlefield 2142.

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RadioActiveTwinky2189d ago

TITAN Mode coming Back!!!! OMG!!!!!

Ravijn2189d ago

What's titan mode consist of?


GreenGamers2189d ago

if you dont know what titan mode is i suggest you check out this link that explainst the titan mode back in battlefield 2142

Gamehead---2189d ago

Those hovercraft look so fun to drive. Wonder if they can go on land.

sgtGanGreen2189d ago

TITAN modeeee!! This will be sooo fun

rbluetank2188d ago

this looks like a lot of fun. I never played this mode before. I can not wait...