Our game consoles are likely spying on us, and this is business as usual

Polygon "A quick drive for ice cream would have created almost no data fifteen years ago. Modern cars, on the other hand, are fitted with global positioning systems, satellite radio, and brains that keep all their diagnostic data in one place. A drive to the ice cream parlor today creates reams of data, and it’s all out there somewhere. I explained to my mother in law that yes, it was a surveillance device but no, it wasn’t something from the NSA. It was just a normal part of her vehicle."

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gravelchalice2191d ago

Very interesting views, lots of things that are true.

PoSTedUP2191d ago

the govts. are gonna do what they want/gotta do. Intrusion of privacy is messed up, yes, but tbh its nothing compared to what they and their affiliates do for money and to stay in power. we can only do what we can. i dont care about the data collected, GPS tracking etc. bc i have nothing to worrie about and i know im not special nor am i paranoid, but to be abe to specifically see me or hear me through cameras in my personal life? no bueno. i dont have a cell, nor a web cam, im taking precautions with my vita bc there is litterally no stopping this, thats all we can do is take precautions.

Bigpappy2190d ago

Anyone wasting their time spying on me really needs to get a life.

If I see any black heli's. I'd invite the boy in for dinner. I want to watch me and the lady have sex, they are free to watch and even get to ask questions about best techniques and best practices.

PoSTedUP2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

loool, funny.

not everyone feels the same way tho. i would think thats why people get arrested for being a "peeping-tom" and is treated as a crime.

Volkama2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

There is a big difference between transmitting images or conversations of us vs collecting data on what we play/watch/like/buy.

One is spying, the other is big business.

You could debate the morality and ethics if that big business, but it's the reality we live in. Kinect is no more "evil" than a tesco clubcard in that respect.

tigertron2190d ago


Except the Tesco clubcard doesn't watch you in your bedroom or living room...

PoSTedUP2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

"big difference between transmitting images & conversation vs collecting data etc.

"kinect is no more evil than a tesco clubcard in that respect"

i see these two sentences as conflicting with eachother because kinect transmitts images, video and voice chat as well as data (i.e. spying), and clubcard only collects data. one is for business and spying, the other is just for business (most likely). spying is invasion of personal privacy (even if its just a hacker on your emails), its illegal and one can get arrested for it.

Godmars2902190d ago

"kinect is no more evil than a tesco clubcard in that respect"

One keeps track of your shopping habits when you shop at a specific brand store. Uses that select information to get you shop there more by way of target discounts and announced sales.

The other potentially takes in a wide range of information picking and choosing what it considers to be revilement to its needs which may involve sales promotion and discounts in you favor. In the end may be of general benefit to you, but overall reduces you to a revenue source. Sells off bits of your life to any other business willing to pay.

One is minimal while the other is extreme.

Volkama2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Posted, of course there is some conflict in those sentences because you have chosen to ignore the context of the latter. Note the "in that respect" refers very specifically to the collection of data, which is the bit we know MS are in to.

If kinect transmits voice/image data anywhere without consent that's a huge problem. But that's a significant if.

Of course I'm not suggesting for a second that any of you should get an xbox one if you're concerned or uncomfortable with the Kinect (or just don't want the console). It's your home and your choice. I'm just commenting on the (lack of) ethics.

Also, some of you underestimate tesco... Seriously.

PoSTedUP2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

oh ok, you didnt make that part clear bc you distinguished big business vs spying. "that respect" [that Spying has also big business] was only brought to attention when i mentioned it (if that is what you meant) and you didnt mention that, thus why it sounded conflicting. there was nothing for me to ignore bc what you meant clearly wasnt present.

and "a significant 'if'", actually it says in MS terms and services that they collect video and voice and share it with their affiliates... to be fair, its with their consent tho if they agree to the terms, but people never read the terms, and they dont realize they are agreeing to invasion of personal privacy. its their own fault and i urge ppl to take precaution, i know i am.

Godmars2902190d ago

Might have helped your point if you had said exactly what a tesco card was. Give a direct example of why its as bad as blanket information gathering.

After going to the bother of looking it up it seems to be nothing more than a general discount group. Something which various businesses sign up for offering their junk, be it blankets or vacation suites, at a supposed discount.

For such to be as bad as what's being suggested about Kinect would involve being recorded while using said blanket or vacation suite and tesco using the footage to make commercials based on the coffee you drank or the soap you used.

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Tapani2190d ago

Then spy on me. I have nothing to hide.

DonkeyWalrus2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

This is why our government is able to get away with this kind of stuff. People think they have nothing to hide. But they'll always be able to find something.

The truth is there are so many ridiculous laws out there people don't know about that there's a pretty good chance you are breaking one of them. I think on average a person commits 3 crimes per day or something like that, and doesn't even know.

Tapani2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

I don't know which government you are referring to, but in my country we do not let the government control us. They are afraid of the people, not the other way around. They are actually afraid of spying on us, because there would be (legal) consequences for doing so.

Sure, I admit my comment was ignorant, but I'm convinced completely innocent people stay safe. Although, I have read Kafka's "The Trial" and it's almost dystopian images do invade my mind often. Still, it doesn't cause panic or paranoia in me, because the times have changed.

Nowadays, in reasonable countries, the social media and internet enables vast amount of people to gather quickly, spread the word, and pressure the governments by doing demonstrations. Get one man convicted who is innocent and the whole world will know about it. That being said, I do fear for journalists who live in shady countries... (so I do not completely agree with my own argument, but I'm still convinced anyone playing PS4 doesn't get him/her behind bars for no real reason).

However, I think this question the other way around: What could a foreign government possibly gain by using resources to "spy" on me and searching how I'm using my game console? The only even remotely possible usage for such action would be no more than marketing. Everything else can be dug up from other official files, had I done anything serious and criminal. Also, sometimes governmental data collecting (probably more often, than we are willing to admit) protects vast amounts of people.

While I do fear for everyone's privacy and security online and in real life, I don't think it's time to get all paranoid about our playstations and xboxes.

Now, if it's hackers or internet mafias that are spying on me, then I'd be afraid. But that's not the topic here, is it?

Killzoner992190d ago

Only One of the consoles is spying on you with an intrusive camera. I wonder which One that One is?

GrandpaSnake2190d ago

why do people think our algorithms are worthless, im willing to bet that information is used to control us more than it is giving us what we want. The only problem is how the hell are they selling my info and i'm not getting payed something is wrong here.

Cam9772190d ago

Well, I'm sure they're enjoying my internet history.

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