South African eSports needs to be better officiated

Bracken Lee-Rudolph from ITF Gaming writes: Over the past weekend, South African eSports was once again a topic of hot debate. The online qualifiers for the Call of Duty Championships took place, and South Africa’s top teams were lined up for a place in the international tournament, the prize of which is one million US Dollars. On the day, it seemed as if Team Adept, who – a few weeks previously – won the Afrihost Call of Duty Ghosts Invitational, or Clan Hi5, South Africa’s longest standing competitive clan, would be on their way to Los Angeles to play against some of the world’s biggest teams. This was before controversy – a sadly common occurrence in local eSports – once again popped up.

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USA0072179d ago

Internet means nothing in competitive, as LAN is where true skill is shown. Although after reading the article, Adept should have had the opportunity of a lag test if they had requested it, and should also have easily won the matches that they hosted. Yet if they are playing on 3G connections as the article says, then they should be used to lag. If most everyone is on 3G connection then pretty much any internet tourney would be unfair, as even in the US latency to the host creates a lot of problems and matches that maybe the team shouldn't have won