New J-Stars Victory VS Gameplay – Naruto, DBZ, Beelzebub, Hunter x Hunter, YuYu Hakusho

New J-Stars Victory VS gameplay has been released! Four videos actually, and they features a handful of J-Stars Victory VS Characters battling it out

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tayz2179d ago

game looks so epic even in cam quality!!

AKissFromDaddy2179d ago

Why isn't Gon and Yusuke fighting back? I want to see the Spirit Gun/Shotgun and Jajanken: Rock.

Who is the girl? Where is she from?

thegent2178d ago

Arale? She is from dr. Slump. The creator of dragon ball made that before it. Kinda similar to child goku but she is a female robot.

Rikuson12178d ago

They probably aren't fighting back because he's playing against the cpu on a rather forgiving difficulty.