Is “Early Access” a Trick to Sell us Unfinished Games?

GamerFitNation: Pay now, and you get to play a game before it releases. We’re seeing dozens of games, mainly on Steam, offering early access to anyone who will pay up front. Are we being tricked into paying full price for unfinished games?

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mhunterjr2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

I think it's more of a way to fund the development of expensive projects without the traditional publisher.

Gamers just need to do their research before buying into one of these. Make sure it's a legitimate developers before you take the plunge.

ElementX2182d ago

A lot of the Early Access games are indie titles. These people often have regular jobs and work on games in their free time. Crowd funding and Early Access gives them a chance to make some money and possibly switch to development full time.

Timesplitter142182d ago

It's something that can be exploited, but it does have true benefits for devs.

It allows them to have player feedback for very complex games (DayZ) and/or it allows them to make enough money to keep working o the project

pompombrum2182d ago

Some developers "EA" *cough cough* don't need early access to still sell unfinished games.

Early access is great for indie developers as it helps keep the money coming in while giving fans a chance to help shape the final product of the game they've been following for x months.

Somebody2181d ago

That's a really bad cough you have there. You better get yourself checked before it gets worse.

Somebody2181d ago

It's a good idea but extremely vulnerable to exploitation and disappointment.

The most satisfying Early Access I've paid for so far is State of Decay but then again the developer doesn't have to do much since they are just porting the game from the X-Box 360. That's the opposite for a number of other Early Access games in my game library that are really first time indie devs who are still developing their games.

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