Microsoft's Marc Whitten to discuss future of Xbox at GDC

Xbox chief product officer holding "fireside chat" at Game Developers Conference next month where he will recall Xbox One launch and discuss what's next.

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kingdip902191d ago

It will be a bunch of PR speak about how xbox one is doing well but will do better as more exclusives release on the console.

I'm not expecting any major reveals like a price drop or a kinect less sku but who knows.

Illionaire2191d ago

The Xbox One is getting outsold on a weekly basis by the PS3 and is not even in the region of competing with a system that is never in stock. They just dropped the price in UK for these reasons, a worldwide price cut is definitely not out of the question.

n4rc2191d ago

If its never in stock, how the hell did they sell 6m of them? Lol

Hocking2191d ago

Because "with a system that is never in stock" means that new PS4 stock is sold as soon as it arrives in stores.

But, you already knew that...

JasonKCK2190d ago

"If its never in stock, how the hell did they sell 6m of them?"

Shhhh! You lose bubbles or get banned around here for that kinda truth.

Automatic792190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

I like how the thread/comments around here are continue to being outsold by PS3. Once the Xbox is comparable in enough regions and the content and services are up to par lets see if that is the case.

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Anon19742191d ago

Yep. These events are specifically for PR. They'll probably go on quite a bit about the new list of indies they announced but don't expect anything but "Go team" from this. I'd expect the same thing from anyone at this kind of event.

nukeitall2190d ago

Only idiots or ignorant people thinks that.

HAVE YOU ever been to GDC?

It is a major chance to learn a lot from a variety of sources, including the big studios not just indies in their talks. You also get a chance to connect with people.

Obviously it is not just PR, as there are way better ways to do that!

Anon19742190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

I didn't catch that this was a talk for devs. I thought this was regarding a pending media interview happening at GDC, and media interviews, media events and dev talks are different things.. I actually have attended a GDC event and I'm fully aware of how candid these talks can be with developers. My fault for skimming the article before posting. An honest mistake.

Good thing you didn't act like a dick about it or anything, eh?

k3rn3ll2191d ago

I'm for more tech news not just games. They need something big to sway the devs and consumers to their side. I think thats what they mean by the future... game reveals are for e3, magazine covers, and vgx. Some groundbreaking policy changes would do the trick as well

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Joey_Leone2190d ago Show
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lifeisgamesok2191d ago

The Xbox One is fine and sales are coming with the big releases

Once the hype dies down for the PS4 I have a feeling many will be disappointed... Some already are

FITgamer2191d ago

Yes because Sony is known for disappointing it's fan base unlike Microsoft. /s

XxExacutionerxX2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Umm Lets see 2006 when sony release the $599.99 PS3 and promise more power with cell. Oh and with a lying killzone trailer at E3 that took the PS4 to live up to. Remember Geohot and sony removing linux off the PS3. Really where were you in 2011? Life Lock Protection stock went up when sony gave hackers PS Fanboy Credit Card Numbers. I love when people bring up Microsoft going towards tv, when sony pushed the PS3 as a blu-ray player first, and video game console second. Its funny how a dvd player console can still stack up agaist the great almighty blu player console with cell. Sony and Microsoft have made the same mistakes and have bounce back to get back its fanbase. I know this, I own Xbox 360 and PS3 and PS4 and Xbox One. 1080p / 60 fps doesn't matter because the Xbox 360 and PS3 games are still better than next gen. Is Microsoft a perfect company? NO! but they listen to their fanbase and made changes to the Xbox One console.

BigFnHooters2191d ago

"Oh and with a lying killzone trailer at E3 that took the PS4 to live up to."

I love it when someone makes a fool out of themselves with that lie.

Killzone reveal trailer vs PS real time:


Nailed it.

Thank you for reminding everyone just how powerful the PS3 graphics hardware is!

b00mFargl32190d ago

My account info was stolen when I used PlayStation Network. This was the day that Portal 2 came out and I COULDN'T PLAY ONLINE. Turns out the whole time they were using old tech to protect our data. These things happen, but to indicate that Sony isn't known for this kinda stuff is silly.

king_george2191d ago


Lol your an adorable little troll

Nekroo912191d ago

I would be disappointed with a system that runs COD at 720p and also Titanfall.. because you just need a pc from 2008 to run that game in 1080p.

X1 a failure since the announcement

No1up2191d ago

Ps4 to xbox here and I couldn't be happier. Ps4 sat there doing what my roku does.

Thehyph2190d ago

Streaming without needing an unnecessary subscription?
I jest.

Brix902190d ago

Someone's feeling some type of way^^^

DigitalRaptor2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

"Once the hype dies down for the PS4"

You can really tell certain souls are wanting this to happen so bad.

"I have a feeling many will be disappointed"

Only if it mirrors your biased perception. The good majority of people are already disappointed by Microsoft and their direction and the treatment of consumers, which is why PS4 is widely outselling them by a huge margin and why they continue to be prone to a great deal of criticism for their actions and motives. I'd get real with those facts before starting to call the most popular console ever produced to be a "disappointment".

"Some already are"

Yeah "some". You have certain types of people disappointed with ANY consumer electronic device. None are immune.

This is going to be a VERY long generation for you lifeisgamesok if you continue being this delusional and hopeful that the Xbone will somehow grow wings and fly, and the PS4 will grow lead boots and jump off a bridge.

I'd learn to accept the fact that PS4 will be ahead this entire gen, and that non-manufactured hype, square focus on gaming and fair treatment of your consumers gets you further than manufactured hype, detrimental policies, and anti-consumerism and "broad entertainment". At least in this industry.

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TheOmniGamer2191d ago

Just show me a Halo 5 ViDoc, then walk off the stage.

Grimhammer002191d ago

If any meaningful honesty gets spoken from Whitten, ill be shocked.

PR double speak inbound for sure

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