Battlefield 4: Naval Strike DLC First Screenshots Unveiled

Electronic Arts and DICE have released the first screenshots for the Naval Strike DLC of Battlefield 4.

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TheBurger292180d ago

Some great BF4 news! Excited for this dlc for sure

dcj05242180d ago

Hovercrafts like in CRYSIS WARS SWEET!

ThichQuangDuck2180d ago

ughhh for a second I get tempted to just get battlefield premium rather than titanfall

ThichQuangDuck2180d ago

I don't think you understand how tempting this is. I have 60$ on origin gift card from trade ins. Stopped playing battlefield as much due to being jealous of all the game modes. Titanfall looks fun,but something is off to me. I played the beta enjoyed it,but question how long it will truly last. There is no epic feel to it. Very egocentric self encapsulated gameplay with no true focus on team cohesion and the bots are dumb as shit. Okay well I am while typing this opening up Origin. It is a done deal. The more I reflect on the beta the more I admit to myself that I do not have to fully follow the hype train of the gaming community and press. Even if they add slightly interactable monsters which is cool Titanfall will get repetitive fast for me. Battlefield has an established community ridiculous amount of replayablity, maps and unlocks. I can always get Titanfall with Tax dollars.

Origin ID: ChelseaManning (ha yes I know) hit me up

IVanSpinal2178d ago

Good choice man.
I will tell you a secret:
You can open the small ladders doors in Zavod,
you need to jump without using the last small ladder just like in the center of the Operation Lockout map (if you know what i mean)

(sorry bad english ;)
P.d. I play in X1 man

sgtGanGreen2180d ago

I will Titanfall until Naval Strike comes for all players, and then buy it separately :D

ThichQuangDuck2180d ago

Ha I enjoy that Titanfall will be the resurgence of Mech games. I guess as a fan of War of the Monsters I was looking for scale. I was looking to be climbing on top of a mech with a group of my friends. I was essentially looking for Battlefield meets Shadow of Colossus meets Evolve. I was expecting everyone to not get a mech. Titanfall is slightly too "feel good" if that makes sense. It gives everyone a mech, it gives everyone kills from brain dead AI. It is a ego boosting game. Nothing against that,but overt time I like the challenge. In Titannfall the gameplay no pun intended feels so robotic. I was one of the ones that fought agreed that we should play it before making judgement on 6 on 6 and AI,but after seeing it in action seeing quotes of "AI is dumb for the players to farm kills" "AI will not be made smarter" I knew something was wrong to me. Star Wars Battlefront worked because the AI was smart enough that you could have epic moments with AI. Titanfall doesn't work for me because AI feels as if I am standbying and can't shoot me even when I drop my controller and am standing right in front of them. To each their own,but I decided to exit the hype train.

I may be more interested in this

or Evolve
Or the Division

In multiplayer I just enjoy teamwork. Modern Warfare 1 has been a little while and I have changed as a player between Battlefield, Gears of War, Rainbow Six Vegas. I just enjoy communicating with strangers to defeat other strangers and seeing the chaos

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