MixedBag Reveals forma.8 For The Wii U

The previously teased Wii U eShop title has been revealed as forma.8 along with a lengthy trailer.

The futuristic touch screen “Metroidvania” styled game sees you playing as a small stranded probe as you explore the map, solving puzzles, and over coming enemies. Power-ups a plenty along with the emphasis on exploration and discovery to overcome the puzzles and enemies you discover along the way on your journey to find a ‘powerful energy source deep under the surface’.

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SirNintend02185d ago

Awesome music and atmosphere.

wonderfulmonkeyman2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Indies just keep banging out great games one after another lately, and the Wii U is definitely benefiting from it the most in terms of helping the library grow. It's a great thing to see.

MasterCornholio2185d ago

Indies love the Wii U and PS4.


I dont blame them since I heard countless times from many Xbox fans that they hate indie games and only buy AAA titles. Nice that Indies have a place where their games are appreciated.

wonderfulmonkeyman2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Too true. It's especially convenient for me, since my laptop isn't really that great.
I wouldn't be able to use it to hold all the indie games I want to play off of steam, so getting them on my Wii U is a cost-effective alternative to buying a better laptop for them.
Plus, I don't have to sift through the shovelware that tends to make it onto steam alongside the good stuff, since most of the indie titles coming to consoles are of decent or great quality lately.

Venox20082184d ago

this game really looks great and there's another great game which will land on Wii U .. Affordable space adventure, that one looks even better, but I ll keep my eye on this one as well :)