PS4 o’clock News – Sony’s VR headset, MGS5 price drop, The Order 1886 & more

OPM: Here’s this week’s PS4 O’clock news round up where I look at rumours Sony might be about to reveal its PS4 VR headset. MGS 5 Ground Zeroes price drop and iDROID app, plus some new info on The Order 1886′s gameplay & more.

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ThichQuangDuck2181d ago

Virtual Reality would be so dope. They should definitley buy Oculus Rift developers since they run out of money to actually meet demand and well they obviously have a great idea. Get them before Microsoft does. Also this is not MGS5 it is ground zeroes

Pillsbury12181d ago

It is going to be a new amazing way to interact with games.

webeblazing2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

If you think every dev can be brought your smoking dope . And the ran out of parts not money

ThichQuangDuck2181d ago

I stopped smoking dope 2 months ago and blazing is in your name not mine......I was more saying if Oculus Rift wanted to be bought since they cannot produce enough supply and they joined Sony R and D on virtual reality that would be dope. Thus giving them jobs and allowing them to continue their work with the backing and support of Sony with the same freedom they retained with Oculus Rift. Thus making Virtual reality pretty exclusive to Sony and firing a massive bomb at Xbox One and its holographic room or whatever.

webeblazing2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

This will be the 1st I herd of money problems they stated before they was having problems with supply for their parts for the OR dev one kit. And if ps4 is too weak to run OR why would they want to be brought by them. Give them jobs and they ran out of money where did you hear this at. Are are you hoping this will happen so Sony can save the day so y'all can get a point in y'all console wars. I haven't read any article that stated they're in financial trouble. I think your wishing for too much.

If you want OR buy a PC. If you want anything that's not on PS buy the other platform its not that hard to. If your broke suck it up and keep it moving