Does Slower CPU Clock Speed of PS4 And Xbox One Affect Facial Animation In Any Way?

How do both consoles fare when it comes to realistically modelling facial animations and expressions, especially compared to PCs? Considering that increased realism is a hallmark of the next-generation, GamingBolt got in touch with OC3 Entertainment's Doug Perkowski, whose team is behind FaceFX.

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Fireseed2179d ago

No. No it isn't. Facial animation is constrained by the complexity of the tools the animators use. A good rig will go leaps and bounds farther than more CPU or GPU power. However if your talking about facial FX such as skin shaders, and soft body physics then sure I guess to an extent, sure.

mewhy322179d ago

Yep. Fireseed is right. Tools are important. But when adding physics, shaders, sub surface scattering, become reliant on cpu and gpu more. However, the PS4 has the extra power to enable direct compute on the GPU. This added power will aid the cpu to a great extent. I think the xbone may also be able to do this but to a much lesser extent.

numNuts2179d ago

Xbox One Hell no! PS4 Oh yes! *fixed*

assdan2179d ago

I don't understand what this means. Clock doesn't mean everything. You have to look at the broad picture for power, not just one clock of one component.

carreirabr2179d ago

Gamingbolt's article.

Never mind.

CharlesSwann2179d ago

The title makes no sense. Of course it matters if you are pushing above your allotment of resources. And of course it doesn't if you are below.

AngelicIceDiamond2179d ago

According to the article both systems handle affect facial animations fairly the same.

DevilOgreFish2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

"Does Slower CPU Clock Speed of PS4 And Xbox One Affect Facial Animation In Any Way?"

No not really, halo4 had very realistic facial capturing for it's time, pushing around 100 blendshapes. If the target is 30 fps then it should feel cinematic.

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The story is too old to be commented.