Licensed games can and should be better than their source material

Dealspwn: " In short, because of the interactive nature of gaming, there's a capacity for gaming adaptations to be better and to mean more than their source material."

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Snookies122191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Ahhh, stop showing South Park! The wait is hard enough as is, lol.

It is strange how 95% of the time licensed games turn out just awful... I suppose it's because companies only see them as money making tie-ins. If developers didn't have such a harsh deadline in a lot of cases, and they put some actual care into creating the game. Maybe a lot of licensed games would have turned out better.

It's so easy to tell that Stick of Truth had care and attention put into it. I watched about 45 minutes of gameplay, and it was golden. (Like Kenny's PSP)

SteamPowered2191d ago

So true. Games made off of movies seem like they are forced, generic, and easily forgotten. Where as good developers see some media and think about the games that can be spun from them.

mhunterjr2191d ago

The best licensed games are those that don't have to meet some movie deadline. Riddick: escape from butchers bay is, IMO how to make a licensed game 101. Don't just try to parallel existing content. Tell another story that is cannon to the rest of that universe.

Wni02191d ago

Because rarely if ever do the original source creator writers actually write the game. SP looks to be the exception.

fonger082191d ago

It's amazing what good developers can do when they aren't constraint by a forced release date and a poor budget.

BattleTorn2191d ago

Licensed games 'should be better' than source material?

So a movie-game should make me think it's the movie-film that is bad?

Ogygian2191d ago

Well they can be, except when ignorant Ubisoft executives insist on censoring them in very liberal parts of the world.

Sketchy_Galore2191d ago

Came here to say that. I'm still so pissed off about that I can't even say.

redknight802191d ago

yeah, for such a game, I am sorry to hear that. If you can manage to wait a bit longer for shipping, I'd recommend importing a copy of the game. If that doesn't work out, message me and I can ship the game to you. It would cost you more, but I would be willing to do that if it can help a fellow gamer out.

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