1080p & 60fps has to be the new standard, not a luxury for PS4 games

OPM "You probably don’t realise this, but you’ve been getting horribly screwed for the last six years. Ever since PS3 launched, the all-seeing holes in your head have been slumming it in the mire of 1,280 x 720 resolutions at framerates that would need an Acme-style rocket pack to reach that magic number sitting somewhere between 59 and 61. Your peepers deserve so much more."

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Illionaire2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

I agree. 720p is unacceptable. 60fps affects some games more than others, but it's definitely a plus in general.

Go play a PS3 or 360 game on SD and tell me resolution doesn't matter.

Abash2180d ago

60fps doesn't need to be a standard, I wouldn't want a visual trade-off just to get every game running in 60fps. 1080p needs to be a standard, the same way it has been the standard for Blu-Ray movies since they released about ten years ago.

A console in 2014 with games on Blu-Ray discs should be doing 1080p native games no problem

rdgneoz32180d ago

1080p needs to be, which is what the PS4 is doing with pretty much all of its games. 60 fps is always welcomed, though more necessary for FPS or arcade fighter.

As for games on Blu-Ray, it seems to be the trend of installing most if not all of the game from the Blu-Ray to the hard drive.

minimur122180d ago

To be honest I think that 1080/60 should become a standard, we've bought these $400/500 machines expecting gaming PC quality, but we're not getting it

Vegamyster2180d ago

you can still make a game look visually impressive and have it run at 720p 60 fps.

It all depends on how the hardware and art style is utilized.

mewhy322180d ago

I feel that 1080p 30fps is acceptable and 60fps is a luxury. Most all of the PS4 games are already NATIVE 1080p and not some upscaled fake 1080 image. Let the games speak for themselves.

styferion2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Uh.. a Blu-ray movie is easily 1080p because it doesn't have on-spot calculation and process like a game, it's like saying someone with a calculator has to finish an exam the same speed as someone with a cheat sheet..

that aside, I agree 1080p needs to be standard and 30fps is perfectly fine unless it's a game that needs fast reaction, like FPS

though at the end I'll buy games because I like it, not because it has 1080p graphics. And that'll also be the case for most of us, admit it lol


Couldn't agree more, Both Consoles need to have 1080p as the standard, not all games need to be at 60fps. Drive club, Ryse and The order are a perfect example of how a "Cinematic" frame rate keeps you engaged better, but games like COD, Titanfall, Halo, and Battlefield need to stay at 60fps!

solar2180d ago

1080p/60fps or it is last gen .5.

starchild2180d ago

No matter what people "want" there are simple realities to deal with. It's unreasonable to expect games on next gen consoles to have super advanced "next gen visuals", over twice the resolution AND 60fps. Consistently getting two of those things would be great, expecting all three is not realistic.

Most graphically demanding games will be 30fps this generation. People should just get used to the idea.

BitbyDeath2180d ago

1080p and locked 30fps should be standard.

Gaming1012180d ago

Try telling a dev who is forced to work with the X-bone to make their game 1080p and 60fps... with all the bottlenecks it just isn't feasible for the vision that is put forth by the dev and publisher. This is why Titanfall won't be 1080p... they wanted different aspects that just can't run at that high of a resolution, and you need to make tradeoffs. If you were a dev you'd understand, so if you're reading this confused, know your place.

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Irishguy952180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Any game that requires some type of movement should be 60FPS. All shooters(FPS/TPS). All racers. All action games. FPS improves gameplay drastically in those genre so it should take precedence over graphics. The fact that it's not achievable is pathetic in 2014. X1 1080 60FPS game, Forza, looks like a Wii U game. And PS4 doesn't even have any full 1080p 60FPS games. Unless you count arcade games which low end graphics. KZ is 30FPS in the campaign and is 45 on average multi.

And to those saying "They're alright at 30FPS". No, they are alright with lessened graphics. 30FPS directly affects the quality of the game. Instead of having stunning graphics it should have good graphics and 60FPS

rdgneoz32180d ago

"KZ is 30FPS in the campaign."

And 60 fps in MP

sorane2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )


"And 60 fps in MP"

Sorry but kz multiplayer isn't 60fps. It rarely ever comes close to it during actual gameplay. 100% proof of my statement:

pwnsause_returns2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Killzone: SF has an unlocked frame rate in the single player.. so it fluctuates between 30 and 60fps

i believe its the same for the multiplayer

PersonMan2180d ago

For those that don't know, there was a Killzone Shadow Fall update that allows you to lock the frame rate to 30fps for single player.

BitbyDeath2180d ago

@sorane, aside from the number moving, can you even tell the difference?

It looks exactly the same to me even when it dips down to 44fps.

sorane2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )


Yup pretty easily and by all the other complaints about the framerate I see over on gaf and other more reliable sites I'm not the only one.

ginsunuva2179d ago

It's not that they're not achievable, it's that it could make the visuals themselves go down in quality.

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Magicite2180d ago

1080p in all games, 60fps only in certain games where it actually makes difference, otherwise 30fps and improved textures.

DevilOgreFish2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

"1080p & 60fps has to be the new standard"

Realistically it comes down to Developer's choice or get into PC gaming.

In the best wording i can sum up, It's similar to like a car, you accept what you pay for, or you get into the customizing business.

this doesn't mean that what you get won't service all of your needs, it's just means if you want anything more you got to put it together.

webeblazing2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

i think your confusing resolution with graphic capabilities. if you think the xb360 and ps3 look like that only because the resolution your wrong. the game may look blurry because of the res, but theres a ton of effects thats not in the game because of the lack of horsepower. res gives more detail, its like a bigger canvas to paint on. why do console only games constantly say stuff like this.

memots2180d ago

Like many are saying.

1080p = Yes must have
60 fps = No not must have, Look at the Last of us and Halo and tell me how 60 fps is necessary

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Snookies122180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

It's all a matter of optimization. Get that right, and you're golden. Unless of course the game just looks mind blowing graphically with unlimited draw distances and huge textures. In that case, yeah you'll probably have to dial it back a bit.

MrSwankSinatra2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

1080p @60FPS should be the standard for this gen. At the very least, if your game can't perform to those standards then your game should be 1080p with a locked framerate of 30 FPS. games should not be dipping below 30FPS anymore as seen with the thief reboot that is completely unacceptable.

MidnytRain2180d ago

That's probably inevitable. New gen doesn't run old games. More demanding games will come out, and we'll see frame drops.

PersonMan2180d ago

Exactly. With faster hardware and more RAM, developers are able to make bigger and more demanding games and that's going to mean a choice is going to be made... 60fps or 30fps.

60fps with less detail
30fps with more detail.

theXtReMe12180d ago

I agree, though 1080p is my benchmark for this generation. I hate games that are less than 1080p... they look blurry, color muted and jaggy compared to a true HD title(Battlefield 4, Im looking directly at you). Of course, it probably doesn't help that I'm gaming with a projector using a 120" screen, so it's easier to see the issues with a game that's not true 1080p. But there should be no excuse. A game that's not true 1080p, whether it be 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second, is a game that hasn't been optimized for next gen systems. If a game like Killzone can look so good at 1080p and almost 60 frames for second, then any other title from here on out should look just as good and bear the same resolution and framerate. Especially since development tools and system firmware should be better optimized month after month and year after year, for the consoles lifespan.

So any developer that can't hit at least 1080p and 30 frames per second, is doing something horribly wrong within their game engine or coding. These systems are powerful enough to handle that resolution, as seen in games like Killzone and Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider is running at 1080p and 60fps and looks better than anything else on the market right now. And... Its an open world game, using effects that bring even high power PCs to their knees. So anything less, is a developer making excuses for their game engine, time management or talent.

As said above, it's all about optimization. 1080p should be a set resolution by Sony. Nothing should be able to run under it, no upscaling, no tricks. True 1080p. If you set that as a base, then developers have to work with at least that resolution in mind. What frame rate they want to hit, is up to them. But a minimum of a locked 30 frames per second should also be standard. If they want to go to 60 and drop some effects, that's up to them. But games like Tomb Raider show that its just not necessary. You can have your cake and eat it to, if you dig deep and know how to better optimize for whatever system you are coding on.

Game on.

Agent20092180d ago

Each to his own. 720p is perfectly acceptable for me (maybe because I've never played any 1080p game on my HDTV). Though, anything lower than that makes me little mad. 640p on Red Dead Redemption made the game look so blurry... I'm not sure if it was because of that low resolution or some crappy blur applied. Perhaps a combination of both.

asyouburn2180d ago

The gap between 720p and 1080p is bigger than 640 to 720.

solar2180d ago

i refuse to play a game at 1080p. i run at a higher resolution because 1080p is blurry to me. i feel bad for you console only mates that were sold a bill of goods on how powerful these consoles were.

PersonMan2180d ago

How is a 1080p image on a 1080p screen blurry? When the game resolution matches 1:1 with the display resolution, it shouldn't be blurry.

Are you saying a 1080p image on a 1080p screen is blurry, but a 1440p image on a 1440p screen is not?

They're both running 1:1 with the screen resolution.

T22180d ago

399 dollars is too much to pay for a console that runs FFXV at near max?

....uhh ok to the troll who plays on a 1440p 15 inch monitor lol, trolling the guy who plays on a 120" screen

webeblazing2180d ago

personman his saying hes use to playing at a res higher than 1080p, so now 1080 seems blurry. it tends to happen when you get use to stuff.

Qdog2180d ago

I assume he's playing at greater than 1080p because his monitor has a higher native resolution. Actually, of course a 1080p image will be blurry on a 1440p monitor, as it is below native resolution of the monitor and having to stretch pixel output to fit the screen space.

solar2180d ago

correct. once you get used to playing at a higher resolution, jumping down looks blurry. text, textures, etc. i dont see what was wrong with my comment. it is a personal choice.

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PersonMan2180d ago


1. Tomb Raider does not look better than anything else on the market. It looks like a last gen game running at 1080p. It still looks very last gen.

2. Tomb Raider does not always run at 60fps. It dips down a lot (which can be quite jarring... I'd rather play a consistent 30fps game than deal with frame drops).

3. High End PCs can play Tomb Raider with no sweat. What are you talking about?

yewles12180d ago

...from OPM?

*grabs coat*

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