Video Games & The Unhealthy Obsession With Breasts

(CriticalIndieGamer) I thought hard about why this was allowed to continue, I asked friends in the industry and the truth is more shocking than you’d imagine. Through hours of research, breaking of codes and some less than ethical hacking it turns out that nearly every major publisher is a tit; an actual disembodied breast.

Ultimate Boob Wars was just the first step down the rabbit hole.

I dug further, got the help of a few friends I could trust and we ventured down together. It appears that the breasts took over sometime around the dawn of the seventh generation (PS3, Xbox 360) and quickly overthrew the high ranking members of Capcom, Ubisoft and Blizzard amongst others. Apparently their self-obsession leaked into the intellectual properties. One developer who wishes to remain anonymous said;

“They kept yelling in that disembodied way, less character, more breast. We argued that the character wasn’t like that but they threatened us. We had to give them perky D-cup breasts or…”
(The interviewee requested the rest not be made public.)

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Excalibur2183d ago

There is nothing unhealthy about obsessing over breasts. ;)

TGR2183d ago

I don't doubt that many people will agree :P

Lord_Sloth2183d ago

People are wired to appreciate the human body. The body is beautiful and nothing at all to be ashamed of admiring.

Besides, how often do we see exposed breasts as opposed to ripped pecks?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2183d ago

I don't see why not. Medically it's actually good for you to 'observe' breasts.

darthv722183d ago

breasts arent the unhealthy obsession part about gaming. its the (insert console here) that refuse to accept that there are others who like to play what they want.

Anthotis2183d ago

Indeed. This is just leftist/feminist prudes sounding off.

PoSTedUP2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

cmon, women know damn well they care more about their breast and ass size than ANOYONE. and if they dont, the men and women who do will continue to do so. so if you care about ACTUAL repression, you certaintly wouldnt be writing this article, and for anyother reason than to draw attntion to yourself and fall into the catagory of "annoying illogical feminist" who simply adds nothing about anything to any Real problems with repression, opression, or hate towards women.

most guys like a women with a nice body (slim, big breasts and ass) and girls like guys with a nice body (...i refuse...). thats how it is, thats why many women get breast augmentations and workout and why men bulk up and hit the weights. the problem is that women are jealous and cant handel the fact that men obsess over a womens body, and that other women are proud of what they are born with and strut their stuff. thats how it is if you open your eyes. i personally am not crazy about huge breasts, but, many other people are (including women!!!).

you either got it or you dont. now go ahead and envy her body some more. while us guys see these thse guys with six-packs, then look down at our beer bellys and continue to drink ours not giving a ****. because we all have to be good looking with nice bodys, right? or else we have to complain about others who glorify theirs, right? /s.

the only thing this is unhealthy for is a womens self-esteem. so boohoo, life sucks, get use to it.

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maniacmayhem2183d ago

I actually gave him a well said.

Beastforlifenoob2183d ago

Gimme dem tities and some ass

Xer0_SiN2183d ago

i actually rather have a nice ass than huge boobs.

Hicken2183d ago

I'm a breast man, but I don't like them big. Ironic that I haven't been with a girl with the size I prefer since I was engaged almost a decade ago.

My current girlfriend isn't huge, but they're bigger than I prefer, too. I've always questioned whether I really liked em small or not, given who I've been with....

Anyway, there's nothing wrong with a healthy appreciation for boobs. Sounds to me more like people making a big deal about small stuff again. Creating issues where none exist.

PoSTedUP2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

i personally dont care about my ass and would never consider having boobs.

but i like my women w/o "feminism", thats a turn-off. and i dont mean real feminism bc there are women who actually make a difference and stand up against real hate and problems women face. im talking about these irrational nut-jobs who only create problems from of their own jealously and self-esteem for attention. its perversity at its finest: "guys like big breasts, other women have big breasts, these devs create women with big breasts; im going to b**** about this! >:D"

@hicken- i dont like them big and i dont mind them small, but i cant help who i fall in love with 0;).

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Saints942183d ago


Almost every entertainment system uses women to get attention. This is a basic way to get people to pay attention, not a obsession.

Oh_Yeah2183d ago

Unhealthy? Studies show staring at breasts is good for the heart.

mixelon2183d ago

As reported by.. Oh wait doesn't matter.

gamesTM_dom2183d ago

Good post - the first comment on the article itself makes some good points (but could do with some more explanation)

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