Thief Old Gen vs New Gen Direct-Feed Screenshot Comparison Shows A Generation's Difference On PS4

GearNuke: "Thief's unique art style truly shines on the PS4 with the boost to full HD resolution. Unfortunately, the graphics don't hold very well for the old generation, resulting in muddy looking textures and missing effects."

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ape0072187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

looks at san andreas vs GTA V

KZ1 vs KZ2

half life 1 vs half life 2

MGS 1 vs MGS 2 vs MGS4

looks at the wow factor of gears 1, uncharted 1, assassin's creed 1, GRAW, KZ2, GTA IV, bioshock, CoD 4

generation difference??.......LOOOL

it's a currentgen game enhanced for nextgen systems,it's identical, same geometry, AI, stuff etc.... but with more textures, higher res and some effects, same as Tomb Raider DE

if u wanna talk about nextgen, bring second son, watchdogs, the order, Division, gears of war on unreal engine 4 etc...

the title of the story is offensive to me as a gamer who grew up through the years with almost every system from NES to ps4/X1 and seen each leap including the gigantic 3D mario 64 leap

mogwaii2187d ago

Watchdogs is a multi plat and will suffer the same fate so i'd cross that out of your next gen examples.

ape0072187d ago

Watchdogs is built on nextgen and PC, the currentgen version are different games

mewhy322186d ago

What about The Division? Anyone know if that is for next gen only?

gwumper9872186d ago

*Mewhy32 - yeah its only next gen and pc

Chrischi19882186d ago

Why different? Dont they still offer the same gameplay, just with different graphics?

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e-p-ayeaH2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Its always been like this since the PS1 days with 3D games.

For example take a look at Alone in the Dark New Nightmare and compare both versions (PS1 and PS2) the game looks better on the PS2 but still very identical.

ape0072187d ago

yeah but u don't call that nextgen, what's wrong with you people, it's called an enhanced version of a previous gen game

starchild2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

There actually is more geometry in the next gen versions of Thief. Check out the second set of screen shots of the Thief-Taker General and notice how much lower the polygon count is for the straps and the metal circle that connects the straps on the last gen version. The circle is almost perfectly round on the PS4 version, while it is angular in the 360 version.

Having more polygons, more detailed textures, more advanced effects, better lighting, better shadow quality and higher display resolutions is basically what makes any game graphically "next gen". It's simply how those things are used that makes the difference.

I guarantee that Sucker Punch could make a version of Infamous Second Son with fewer polygons, lower resolution textures, inferior lighting and shadow quality, missing effects or lower quality effects, and a lower display resolution that would run on the PS3.

Section82186d ago

Watchdogs and the division are not next gen. Do your home work. And also, the title is implying last tech to new tech, so he has a point. If you have trouble reading, Canad has ESL. That's english as a second you can learn it.

mogwaii2186d ago

Ah and you might want to do YOUR homework matey, the division IS next people on here not even think before speaking?! Jeezus! LOL

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theXtReMe12187d ago

Other than a little bit of lighting, a few effects and a tiny bit of texture work, the game looks pretty much the same on both platforms. Definitely the sign of an aging engine. Guessing thats why there are so many reports of frame rate issues with the next gen versions. The game was built for last gen and ported to this, using the same engine. Which didn't even seem to have been optimized for multicore systems. Just kind of left as is.

I guess that's to be expected of a game thats been in development for seven or eight years. Once slated for release on gen 7 systems, then quickly ported over to next gen systems in a years time. It's kind of suffering the same fate as Duke Nukem with its excessively long development time, switching of engines and overly poor execution and reception.

I love the original game on the PC. It was a breath of fresh air, in a first-person shooter raged game development environment. As doom, quake and unreal were taking over the gaming landscape, this game snuck up from behind and gave gamers a nice dose of originality and enjoyability.

It's just a shame that this game didn't do the same. Games like this make me ecstatic that services like Gamefly exist. Otherwise, I probably would've blindly bought this title, thinking it was going to be every bit as good as the original. Now, I will play through it and take it for what it is and send it back, without ridding my bank account of $60 that could be cleverly spent on a better game.

Just a shame.

Tempest3172186d ago

I would classify it as far more than "little bit of lighting, tiny bit of texture work" The texture resolution increase is quite large, just look at his shoulderpad...on 360 its literally just a brown blur...ps4 it actually looks like a shoulderpad! And thata just the first/most obvious difference. Say what you will about the perfomance/look of the game on current gen, but it is a far cry from being the same on last gen

MasterCornholio2187d ago

You can really see it with the textures.


Wow, the PS4's textures are great and The 360 has held up nicely!

Aces172187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Can't we just say this gen (Xbox One/PS4) and last gen (360/PS3) at this point?

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