[email protected] launch parity clause still a problem says MouseCraft dev

Warsaw, Poland-based Crunching Koalas is now a registered [email protected] developer, but the company's Tomasz Tomaszewski isn't sure whether its current projects will ever appear on Xbox One. The reason? That day one release parity clause, revealed by Nuclear Throne developer Vlambeer last year.

The clause stipulates that [email protected] developers must release their games on Xbox One before or at the same time as for other platforms. This can be a bit of a chore, as it requires the developer to work on two or more versions of the game simultaneously, rather than staggering its output. Vlambeer dodged this particular bullet by quickly agreeing to release Nuclear Throne on PS4 first - the clause doesn't apply if a project has already been announced for another platform.

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zeronhero2184d ago

On gaf, the dev said he was talking to someone now at Microsoft, he actually didnt even know the details -_-

"we're in touch with guys from Microsoft and should get an answer pretty soon."

Anon19742183d ago

So they had to go to the Official Xbox Magazine to finally get in touch with anyone from MS?

Still waiting on a reply other than the once a month [email protected] chain letter saying "Be patient" to our company's application.

zeronhero2183d ago

No. he didn't bother to ask, chris charla is the head of the ms indie [email protected]) at MS, and he answer ALL questions realated to the program on twitter imo, he even tell people to pm him for his contact info.

Anon19742183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Well, that's all well and good but how on earth would a developer know to tweet this guy if he wants answers to specific questions? The default communication between developer and publisher is still email, if I'm not mistaken, and do you really think the dev didn't bother to attempt contact Microsoft prior to this OXM story?

Dev: "MS's policies are hurting us and I want to do a story."
OXM: "Ok. Did you try to contact MS to clarify it's really a problem."
Dev: "No. Should I?"
OXM: "Meh. Let's just go with it."

I've seen questionable gaming news over the years, but do you really believe OXM just let that one slip past em?

maniacmayhem2183d ago

Before you go into full rage mode Darkride I also like to link this from a another thread.

Anon19742183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Why on earth would I be raging? I'm not following.

Zeronhero said "Oh, well he didn't bother contacting Microsoft," and I'm simply unsure where he's getting that from.

Doesn't that strike you as odd that the official xbox magazine would run a story about this without bothering to clarify that an attempt had been made to straighten the issue out?

And I'm unsure of why you're posting the comments section from OXM for this article. Is that supposed to mean something?

rdgneoz32183d ago

@darkride66 MS' launch date parity has been around since the 360. Not much of an article not because they didn't check, but it's been this way for several years...

Another fun read. A dev gets screwed by launch parity because they had 3 systems in the works and didn't want to delay them all for a 4th.

Anon19742183d ago

@rdgneoz3. Thanks for the info, but I get why devs are pissed about the parity issue, and rightly so. It's BS, in my opinion. And that fact that it's still an issue for developers shouldn't be brushed aside casually. It's a restrictive and idiotic policy that is about as anti-consumer as it gets.

What I don't understand is why it took a story from OXM to get Microsoft talking to this guy to clarify the policy. And I don't buy for a second that he didn't reach out to them for more information, or that he "should have known" that they needed to contact some guy on twitter rather than going through official channels.

nukeitall2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Sounds like a case of ignorant dev, blasting his mouth.

When you join [email protected] you get all the information needed and Chris Charla isn't exactly unknown figure here. This particular issue has been discussed many times by other devs, and the same response has been given before.

Doubt his game will be good, because all he does is talk negative about the Xbox One features instead of channeling that energy into creatively make his game better with more options.

Mousecraft I will just do what you do, and not know much about your games, but won't bother trying or finding out by staying ignorant, because the way you talk indicates your game is going to suck big time!


"And I don't buy for a second that he didn't reach out to them for more information, or that he "should have known" that they needed to contact some guy on twitter rather than going through official channels."

Doesn't sound like that to me....

The guy blasts smartglass, yet don't know how it really works!

Read the comment section on that webpage.

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n4rc2183d ago

Well... Here's the authors mistake..

This doesn't mean they HAVE to work on multiple versions.. This means if they are going to utilize the resources given to them for free, then xbox should be your priority..

Want your PC or ps4 version to take priority? Simple.. Dont take free resources from Microsoft..

rdgneoz32183d ago

Sony will send out dev kits, but doesn't have the same launch parity clause. Small devs don't have the resources to launch on every platform at once. This clause has been in effect since the 360.

RiPPn2183d ago

They also get free resources from the other platforms, so all this is going to do is prevent certain games from ever coming to the Xbox One. Microsoft had leverage last gen with the install base they had on the 360, they don't have that luxury this time around. So good luck to them trying to keep up these types of policies.

n4rc2183d ago

Its more then Dev kits.. Way more

DragonKnight2183d ago

"Its more then Dev kits.. Way more"

On multiple platforms.

You'd be wrong if you think Microsoft is going above and beyond for indies and no one else is. In fact you'd be wrong if you think Microsoft is going above and beyond period.

n4rc2183d ago

When did I ever imply anything regarding what sony or Nintendo does?

Microsoft is going above and beyond.. They could just ignore them and give them nothing.

These devs all agreed to terms.. They didn't have to.. If developing for other platforms is their priority, then why did they agree to it?

Its wanting your cake and eating it too

MasterCornholio2183d ago

Which is why Indies are flocking to the PS4 and the Wii U.


The main issue here are the policies that Microsoft has for indies which is why many of them release games on the other two platforms and ignore the XB1.

4Sh0w2182d ago

Yeah, Chris Charla has been doing a great job with [email protected]