Outselling the PlayStation 2 Isn’t a Pipe Dream

Time "Sometimes we ask questions we probably shouldn’t, because they’re questions with replies so barefaced obvious that you might as well ask a person whether they’d like to win the lottery. (Spoiler: Most won’t say no.)"

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Illionaire2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Completely agree and the PS4 has the best chance to do it right now. The PS4 is selling faster than PS2

The Xbox One is in competition w/ the PS3 worldwide more than it is with the PS4 and might get sold during this generation. The Xbox One as of right now (after the multiplat Titanfall) has Halo in 2015 and Gears Of War in 2016. Not to mention it's more expensive and less powerful, which is why it's in more of a competition with the Wii U, Vita and PS3.

The Wii U is pretty much out of the race pending a miracle.

I like the idea of the PS4 having a monopoly. The PS2 did and it was considered the best generation ever.

Hatsune-Miku2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

I believe the ps4 will come close to ps2 sales numbers or close

There are a lot of hype behind the ps4 and they are all warranted because the ps4 is the best gaming system for gamers. With the history of playstation bringing in amazing exclusives of all genres and making new genres sony will continue that trend and it will lure in a lot of consumers to get a ps4. So many gaming experiences are limited to playstation and it's exclusives.

With the momentum of ps4 and the playstation plus service sony will continue giving amazing value where playstation is concerned contrasting distinctively that they are the best gaming company in the world and gamers will see that and want a ps4

PS4 is the future and the future is ps4

Neonridr2191d ago

I just think there are too many other things out there to occupy a person to warrant 150+ million purchases.

I love the PS4, and I think it will easily win this generation, but I'd be surprised to see it surpass 100 million.

Illionaire2191d ago

The PS3 will hit 100 million when they terminate support for it. The PS4 will easily pass 100 million, it doesn't have any real competition.

Neonridr2191d ago

look I like the PS4 too. But for you to sit there and act like MS and Nintendo doesn't exist is a little delusional. The Xbox One will still sell millions upon millions as will the Wii U.

Plus with the rise in mobile/tablet gaming there's just too many options for people.

Why o why2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Not quite delusional. Each console to hit 100 mil had to do that against competition. There are more gamers to sell to now as its become acceptable in groups that used to shun gaming plus many of the old school gamers (50plus) are still gaming. The demographic is expanding.

SniperControl2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )


You do have a point, the PS2 for a long part of it's life was the only console available, the xbox challenged it for a while, but that to could not match the PS2's draw to gamers.

These days, we have multiple gaming platforms available, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Windows, Linux, SteamOS, IOS, Android. All these have contributed towards a smaller market share for each platform.

I do think the PS4 will sell, but will struggle to reach PS2's dominance,(however, am happy to be proved wrong!) it will certainly beat PS3's sales.

fonger082191d ago

@why o why while that's very true the majority of people that bought say Wii's were causal fans, most of which have left to the market completely to phones/tablets. The PS4 could hit 100 million, but a lot of things need to happen. The PS2 had the luxury of two consoles coming into that generation late, gaining the support of 3rd parties early, plus being a nice DVD player. Also keep in mind Sony sees this generation not lasting as long as the PS3/Wii/360 generation so that might cut short the lofty 100+ million sold.

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3-4-52191d ago

As long as the games keep coming, it will keep selling.

PS3 STILL has a ton of good exclusive games being released for it.

calvincrack2191d ago

I will stake my reputation on this not happening. A fast adoption rate only reflects the super hardcore, who barely even have games for the system. The flagship titles like Uncharted 4 will drive millions more, but until the ps4 is like 200 bucks its not gonna get into the 50s and 60 millions if its lucky. And then we'll see if it makes a run at 80

T22191d ago

meh I gotta disagree because fast adoption to me says about 1-3 months of heavy sales. I can't remember a time where a company frantically pumped out consoles and yet couldn't meet demand 4-6 months later.
This hasn't happened yet but there are many places (canada included) where ps4 is still impossible to find. sure you get pockets of them but they are largely sold out still.

ForNgoods2191d ago

Agreed although i think the main criteria for it coming close is simply the life of the console, which i'm not sure it'll match the ps2. The PS2 seemed to live on forever well into the following generation. But in today's world were technology is even faster paced, I dont think even the ps4 has a shot in hell being marketed past 10 years.

e-p-ayeaH2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

PS2 sold alot because piracy also drove sales numbers to increase even more than expected.

Many people dont want to spend over 20 bucks on a game.

DigitalRaptor2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

So it seems, PS4 is the most successful home console of all time in its position at the moment compared to past consoles. It has the most games in development, and a lot more to look forward to. This momentum we're currently seeing is occuring in waves, and the way Sony has played this "for the gamer, for the consumer" stance as well as bringing games in unparalleled fashion has earned them this position.

These "waves" will continue and they are riding off the back of continued negativity that Microsoft brought on themselves due to their policies, anti-consumer connotations and non-gaming focus, and the fact that Wii U isn't all that desirable, despite the fact that MS and Nintendo are also bringing some interesting games.

With a successful Japanese launch under their belt, their status holds them in good stead. This is ranking up to be another PS2 generation where they vastly outsell the competition, and bring such a great number of games and incredible diversity.

Looking forward to seeing how the competition and industry responds to this: Nintendo and the HD iterations of their classic franchises as well as adding to the new IPs they've provided so far this gen. Microsoft, to see how they bounce off Sony and deliver the games and new IPs. Exciting generation it's going to be for sure.

ThePope2191d ago

For Sony to do that they would have to take back ALL of the market share they lost to MS and pick up quite a few sales. Impossible.

king_george2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Not ALL of it. just the majority of it. which they're doing as i type this comment and pretty convincingly to boot. Reports of PS4 outselling X1 at a 2-1 rate (or even 5-1 in some nations) are all over the place. Sony STILL cant keep up with the demand.

ThePope2191d ago

"Not ALL of it. just the majority of it."

That’s not going to happen either. If you look at the past 3 months as a snap shot (a very poor snap shot, being the consoles just launched) A total of 9.3 (roughly) million PS4's and X1's have been sold. Sony controls 62% of the market, and MS 38%. Assuming this exact trend continues Sony would have to get MS market share into the teens getting theirs to 85-90%.

That kind of dominance has not been seen since Sony was the basically the only console on the market (PS2 era), and is not possible in today’s diverse market.

While your point is fair that PS4's are in short supply, it’s also important to remember the X1 is only in 13 markets. And while all major markets are represented, you're kidding yourself if you think the secondary markets wouldn't all add to a fairly large number (900,000-1 million in same time frame)

king_george2191d ago

Eh maybe your right. Maybe not. Doesnt really matter. All i know is the PS4 is kicking ass and taking names. Once sony is able to catch up with demand its only gonna get worse for MS and Nintendo unless they do something drastically different. I wouldnt call it impossible either by the way. This market has proven time and time again to be EXTREMELY unpredictable.

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