Xbox One & PS4: Under the radar games you need to watch out for in 2014

Okay, gamers, it's time for a hard truth: the video game hype cycle is too [insert expletive of your choice] long and it's totally out of control.

Every person reading this has had his or her hopes raised and dashed when some incredibly promising game debuts four seconds of amazing looking footage and then isn't scheduled for release until 3 years later (looking at you, "Watch Dogs", the new "Battlefront", "DriveClub", and a whole laundry list of others).

So, with only a little intended hypocrisy, we here at have endeavoured to draw your attention to a few games you might not have heard of, some of the titles that are flying under the radar this year.

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NewMonday2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Mad Max could be a sleeper hit, Just Cause had fantastic gameplay but the setting and story were bad and boring.

if Avalanche fill the Mad Max world with a great story and interesting characters the game will be a massive successes

but if turns out to be Just Cause 3 with a Mad Max skin then it will be an underwhelming disappointment.

RuleNumber52179d ago

Agreed for sure.

I also think that Mad Max could find itself in a mono-tone color situation. Hopefully Avalanche has that in mind and it isn't just orange and black. If it is very little variation, could hurt a game like this one, since it is open-world.