Top 10 Best Video Game Franchises

Alex from SuperCheats gives us his Top 10 Video Game franchises of all time.

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Yodagamer2188d ago

To save you some time:
10) Madden, 9)Resident Evil 8)Metal Gear 7)Call of duty , 6)Castlevania, 5)Zelda, 4)Halo, 3)Pokemon, 2)Final Fantasy

badboy7762188d ago

Madden Sucks Bring Back NFL 2K!!!

Yodagamer2188d ago

Heck i'd rather take nfl blitz by midway or play nfl 2k5 over new maddens.

Lukebb912188d ago

After having call of duty and a sports game on the list i have no interest

2188d ago
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