Pre-order MGS V On Gamestop UK For £20 On Next-Gen Systems

Gamestop UK have put up an offer where if you pre-order Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes then you can get it for £20, £10 cheaper than RRP for the Nnext gen physical release.

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ArchangelMike3566d ago

Yep got mine pre-ordered. I thought it was too good to be true. Infamous is also 5bucks cheaper than everywhere.

caseh3566d ago

Good price but a slight catch, orders under £20 will need to add £2 P&P. :)

fractured743566d ago

From what I've heard its only worth 20,I might wait til main game comes out,they will have offer for the two.

JCENAdaBest3566d ago

DONE! Couldn't believe this when I saw it

My_Outer_Heaven3566d ago

Too good to resist... £20 seems reasonable.. but people paid for the MGS2 demo which was awesome so this should be good. Love the MGS series! I hope they can give us a HD collection for PS4!


The Metal Gear series has sold over 59.8 million copies

300,000 Metal Gear games were sold during the first quarter of 2023, Konami has announced, bringing the total number to 59.8 million.

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FallenAngel1984201d ago

Still waiting on Konami to put the MGS Collection back on digital stores

Nyxus201d ago

I know right? And rerelease the games for current gen systems while they're at it.

just_looken200d ago

Do not worry they will give use those pichincko remakes for top dollar soon.

Metal gear solid 3 in the fox engine looked/ran amazing but was sealed away :(


Sarcasm200d ago

I know re-makes and stuff have been played to death this generation.

But damn I wouldn't mind an MGS4 remake

gold_drake200d ago

i played it quite recently and it holds up very well

CantThinkOfAUsername200d ago

It does, but a remake will be available on platforms other than PS3.

itsmebryan200d ago

I thought the series would have sold more over all these years and different releases.

Ready4nxtgen200d ago

Yeah I would have thought over 150 Mil. Something.missing here

Nyxus200d ago

Metal Gear isn't that big, and there hasn't been a new release in years. Also MGS2 and 3 are still missing from digital storefronts.

shinoff2183200d ago

5 mgs games in total if I'm not mistaken. 59 60 million seems about right. Mgs is dope to some of us but it would be hard for a lot of regulars to understand

DeusFever200d ago

I would love to buy MGS4 but it’s still a PS3 exclusive.

JEECE200d ago

Although there are notable exceptions (GTA, certain first-party Nintendo games, Gran Turismo), as a rule games didn't sell as much in earlier generations as they have in the past few generations. So a lot of PS1-PS2 era titles that are viewed as seminal games didn't actually sell all that much by today's standards (yes, despite the large install bases of those systems lol). I remember a similar surprised reaction happening a few months ago when Square announced the total overall sales of Final Fantasy VII.

Deathdeliverer200d ago

Some of the best fun you can have online was the first metal gear online and to a lesser, but still fun to an extent, MGO2. The magazine, CQC, stealth, and tactical play Vs real players is just a blast. Not to mention playing Snake vs everyone? Amazing. The game will never be the same without Hideo, but Konami can definitely update what’s already there and take my money.

ceyoga200d ago

You wouldn't be talking about the OG MGO that was included with MGS3:S would you? It's rare running into another former player. Those were some of the best memories of any online game I had.

Deathdeliverer200d ago

Yes my man!! That seems like the BEST game that nobody played! Tranquilizer pistol, drag the body to a corner and lay a girly mag right by their head so they wake up and instantly get caught by the mag. You could get real toxic if you wanted at that point, but man that game was incredible! The only thing annoying was that damn Konami ID

P_Bomb200d ago

Did my part!

“You’re pretty good” 🫡

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Kojima looks back on Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on its 9th anniversary

Hideo Kojima: "After the launch, many people seemed to expect GZ to be a full game."

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-Foxtrot259d ago

People would have gotten “your intention” if you stated it from the beginning but people didn’t want smaller episode like MGS games.

He should have just focused on MGSV and work Ground Zeroes into that game instead

I_am_Batman259d ago

I don't remember there being confusion over Ground Zeroes being a full game. But then again I was just starting to catch up on the MGS series as a whole at that point so I might've not paid enough attention or simply have forgotten that there was confusion about it. I bet the whole Moby Dick Studios thing didn't help the casual observer understand what the hell was going on though.

I only got both MGSV games when Phantom Pain was already out and I kinda agree that it probably would've sucked if I had to wait one and a half years to pay The Phantom Pain after Ground Zeroes.