Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer free for a week

To celebrate the imminent release of our first Free Map DLC on March 4th, we are making the acclaimed KILLZONE SHADOW FALL multiplayer available for FREE to all Playstation® 4 players for a week, starting 4th of March 5AM PST. Best of all, you will not require PS PLUS to play the Free Access client this week!

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Majin-vegeta2182d ago

Now this is how you do business.This is great for people who are on the fence about getting KZ:SF.

IMO Sony should do.this for all their 1st player MP titles

BTW you can up for $40 on Amazon.

WalterWJR2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

You can get this game pre owned for £15 which is about 25usd

Retard2182d ago

IMHO, it should always be free with DLC/add on costs that don't unbalance gameplay.

rdgneoz32182d ago

The competitive MP maps are going to all be free. Only thing that will cost you is going to be the new co-op mode, which they're still working on.

mxrider21992182d ago

i agree i mean they already sold as much as they are probably going to it should be free next month on ps plus atleast the mp should be with the amount of times they are letting people play it for free already everyone who is on the fence of buying it is probably like why not just wait to play it for free every once in a while to change things up and not spend the money on it

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JoGam2182d ago

Honestly Sony needs to fix the Lag issues in KZ first before they make it free for a week.

BX812182d ago

Oh boy. I've just started playing kz sf and again it's the same problem with spawn camping. Every kz game has this problem. It feels about the same amount of clunk in the controls a kz3 (which is way better than kz2 IMO). The only other problem I have so far with the game is that you can tell GG had a hard time optimizing this game to run smooth. Maybe this is just me but when you run in mp the screen gets jumpy like there is too much to process at one time. Also when you run the surrounding haze seems like a cheap trick to cover up the jumpy screen. That's just my opinion.

fermcr2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Nice try by Sony... During the week leading to Titanfall and South Park release.

Killzone Shadow looks good, but it's not a very good game.

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TheLyonKing2182d ago

Good Guy Greg is crying at the goodness of these guys.

Concertoine2182d ago

I still think its a shame sony jumped on pay to play online. This is nice though.

Shadonic2182d ago

its worth it just for playstation plus.

rdgneoz32182d ago

If you have multiple systems, it definitely is. March you get 1 PS4 game (Dead Nation), 3 PS3 games (Tomb Raider which came out not too long ago, Thomas was Alone, Lon Survivor), and 2 vita games (Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, and Unit 13). And that's not talking Bioshock Infinite / Brothers / Outlast that came out in Feb. Only downside to PS+ is (In the voice of Brody / Jaws) "You're gonna need a bigger [hard drive]".

What does games for gold have in March so far? Civ Revolution which came out in 2008.

PoSTedUP2182d ago

yeah i dont think any gamer regrets it. pay $50 to get 1 millon dollars worth of games. (not exactly, but you understand), plus they have free MP FPS and MMo's that dont require PS+ and most of the apps and features are not required for PS+.

ramiuk12182d ago

i dont,once u factor the games given with it,the value you recieve is way above what u pay,specially if u own more than one sony device.

plus it helps them get better with extra funding,what u have to remember is there is only multiplayer behind the paywall.
unlike MS where u cant even use app that are free everywhere without being GOLD.

Neonridr2182d ago

Good move. I saw they had a free weekend a little while ago, but having a free week is really nice. Again, it's not something huge that we are talking about, but it's still another thing that Sony is doing that MS isn't. So if you add up all these little things....

LexHazard792182d ago

To be fair tho MS has been doing gold weekends for awhile. Its not a week like PS but to say they dont do it just not true! Theyve been doing it for yrs!

mxrider21992182d ago

this isnt a week of ps plus this is a week of playing a games mp for free without ps plus...

Megaton2182d ago

Game sucks. Now more people will know it sucks. I miss Killzone 2's multi. Most fun I've had with this series.

Shadonic2182d ago

its fun for a bit they focused too much on graphics. Its so damn slow too, slower than Halo and not including things like in game voice chat at launch was just stupid.

bellome2182d ago

Just raise the X and Y axis sensitivity...

Shadonic2182d ago

im talking about the movement bellome i dont even move out of the the running on there is basically like skips from regular show. I know about the speed boost but even then when in fights everything's so hectic but slow.

mxrider21992182d ago

its not a twitchy shooter its a shooter that requires aim and tactics so if its not your game thats fine but i do agree the sprint speed is too slow

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