Xbox One Media Remote Release Date: Pre-orders Kick Off


"Pre-orders for the Xbox One Media Remote have kicked off this morning at Amazon!"

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thexmanone2178d ago

Why because PS4 is not getting one?

Rockefellow2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

...because there are preorders for a damned accessory that isn't necessary in the first place. Is say the same for a PS4 or Wii U media remote, like a rational, mature individual would.

Why would you insinuate this had something to do with the platform? Are you that puerile, that stupid? Could your poor old mommy only afford to buy you one console for Christmas and you were forced to pick? I certainly did nothing to indicate what I thought of any platform in any way, yet you commented as if I were some terrorist bombing Microsoft's headquarters.

Get out of here with your childish BS.

thexmanone2178d ago

I just luv this site people here are just so nice.

I buy my own Christmas gifts. I don`t have a Mom and Dad anymore.

Rockefellow2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Glad to hear it.

If you hadn't asked such a moronic question, you'd never have received such a scathing response. And instead of owning up to your ignorance, you blame people for being mean and ignore the majority of what I wrote. You're just an instigator without the intelligence to back up your initial comments. You can't even refute a clearly worded message criticizing you. You're useless.

Excalibur2178d ago

Wait, wait, wait....

I thought the whole point of pushing Kinect on everyone was you didn't need any damned ol' remote?