PS3: unlimited video playback - "no multimedia restrictions"

Here's more about the "unrestrictedness":

720p and 1080p from a Memory Stick (compressed AVC format)
PSP-sized AVC and MP4 files play OK, as do MPEG1, MPEG2, standard-profile MP4 videos (no AVI, though - but you PSP people know that)

odd-sized videos (we assume IGN meant dimensions and resolutions that aren't really standard)
you can't reformat videos (i.e., you can't recompress the video with another compression/codec), but you can copy them from one device to another

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specialguest4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

yes, if there is one thing Sony got right for sure, it is their restriction free attitude for gamers.
-region free
-any 2.5 SATA HDD accepted
-any standard HDMI cable accepted
-different OS accepted
-encourage modders to mod various games just like PC games
-noncentralized online network community(it has it's advantages and disadvantages, the point is that it's restriction free)
-Sony execs officially announced that the Linux plan will allow homebrewing(opposite from the PSP restrictions)
-AND NOW no multimedia restrictions

Mr Murda4449d ago

The "NO RESTRICTIONS" philosophy is great and all, but the I see it as a way for Sony to not take responsibility for hacking, useless content, porn, and whatever else people use it for or upload to their "marketplace".

If there is an epidemic of crap on their service, then Sony can claim a "hands off" policy, cause they're all about "NO RESTRICTIONS".

That being said, I really wish that MS would allow .mp4, .xvid, .divx, etc..

FordGTGuy4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

closed networks have their advantages to. BTW it said some of the formats played 'ok' wtf does that mean? "no multimedia restrictions" yet "no AVI" how does that make any sense at all?

specialguest4451d ago

updates and modders will take care of that. let me correct my statement.... "no multimedia restrictions" there i added the quotes..happy now?

FordGTGuy4451d ago

i know what your saying but look what restriction free has done to the PC and gullible people that have the internet.

bung tickler4450d ago (Edited 4450d ago )

when it comes to games, hackers have a field day when things are "restriction free" and it cost LOTS and LOTS of money to keep the hackers away. i mean just take blizzard for example they even have thier own closed system ( set up and they still spend sh!t-tons of money on security. thats why they charge now for a service they used to provide for free back in the day when starcraft and diablo where kings... now you pay $15 a month. with sony offering a "free" and open online service i can %100 asure you it will be a hackers playland and that in turn makes multiplayer the biggest crapfest it can be. so all you ps3 fan who say "it may not be great but its free" to you i say i would gladly pay less than $4 a month for a closed & hackfree system any day if it means i can actually ENJOY playing online and you will all wish you could too in time. if you want a open system just play on your PC.