Transformers Universe Game Introduces Meltdown and Duststorm

Two new trailers have been released of the Transformers Universe Game showcasing Meltdown and Duststorm.

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maniacmayhem2191d ago

So, can anyone pick these characters or is it one per person. I would hate to be Optimus Prime and there's like 10 other Optimus Prime's running around.

I miss the days where Decepticons were mostly planes and Autobots were mostly cars. Now they don't even give a care.

SteamPowered2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Gen 1 had planes and cars on both sides. Jetfire was an Autobot Plane and decepticons had the Stunticon cars.
Not to be a dick, just wanted to clarify.
OT-I would rather make my own robot anyways. I dont wanna be Optimus Prime. I would much rather be a jet or Dinobot.

maniacmayhem2191d ago

Yes but the majority of Autobots were cars and the majority of Decepticons were planes.

That is why it was a big deal when the Arielbots and Stunticons were introduced. Because Decpticons were known for being the robots that could fly and Autobots weren't.

Now with these new generation anyone can be anything.

OT- Yea, I was thinking the same thing. Make your own robot and transform into a whole list of mechanical options. I would want to be apart of the G1 Predicons.